Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Everyone changes.

9 years ago I couldn't care less about Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, where the hero, after the girl who admires him back off, lost his wife, and his daughter pulled an upset of reuniting the two together. Who didnt love the plot? My mum, my sisters, even my (I-who-does-not-cry) dad cried their eyes out. Me, I didn't. I thought that it was a cheesy movie.

Then came Devdas, whose father does not approve of his relationship with Paro and drink himself silly amids the love of the ever alluring Chandramukhi until his death at Paro's doorstep. Still I couldnt care less.

Then came Cinta and with its fast moving pace of intermingling personal difficulties and crisis, criscrossing one anothers path and a well thought ending, stab me deep straight through the heart and I surrendered to the story.

I am confused. I mean, I was moved by a movie, and a Malay movie for that matter. (I keep a visible distance from any modern Malay movie, they really sucks, okay). Thats very, very odd.

I guess, maybe its the natural progress of life. We mellowed down a bit, as we gain maturity.

Come to think of it, its only logical. Physically too, we are not the same as we were 10 years ago anyway.


M.I.S.S.Y said...

Kuch Kuch Hota hei, Devdass or chinta, satu pun tak berjaya menangiskan saya...!

mmm..tua sgt ka? how tua is ur tua?..

akula said...

Missy: A little older than you for sure. (Notice I said a little)

M.I.S.S.Y said...

bro, a lil older? mmm 23, 24, 25? hehehe..have u done with the teteks' counting?
(psst buruk siot sebut tetek..sebut tits la len kl)

Anonymous said...

Then I suppose you must like 'When the smoke is going down' by Scorpion at one time of your life. And now...... out of the blue ..... you start to like S.M. Salim's songs, don't you. How old are you bro.....???? For MISSY's sake... at least.

akula said...

Anonymous: Hahaha, nice try dude. Like they say, for me to know, for her and you to find out.

Missy: Smart guess. I get it.:)

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha .... No harm for trying. I like you already. I thought you are offended, but you are not. Like your posts... tell us more.