Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Paris, winter 1999

A middle aged European man asked me this question jokingly. "I read in the newspaper long time ago, Malaysians lived on trees before. Now, do you still do that?" I replied "Sadly no, but since we are so used to heights, now we live in skyscrapers".

I reciprocated a question. "Why your Paris is known as the perfume capital of the world?" He nodded, agreeing "Ahh, what kind of question you asked. Its because we French like to smell nice and beautiful". I replied, slowly but with clear voice. "Are you sure this is not because you want to cover your body odour with those perfumes? You rarely take any bath, yes?" He smiled and laugh, " Haa, I like you, you funny man".

He didnt even realize I was just being sarcastic.


Al Fatihah. Ali Setan came to my mind. One by one, just like that, they're gone.

JOHOR BARU: Actor Izi Yahya, known for his villainous roles, died here after a fall during the shooting of a documentary on Saturday. He was 42.

He was initially rushed to a clinic in Mantin, Negri Sembilan, and then referred to the Seremban Hospital.

However, there was no specialist at the hospital to treat Izi, who required immediate surgery for brain haemorrhage.

He had to be rushed to the Sultanah Aminah Hospital here when it was learnt that there were also no specialists at the Kuala Lumpur, Selayang and Sungai Buloh hospitals nor at the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre.

He died at Sultanah Aminah without regaining consciousness.

Izi lost consciousness after a fall during the shooting of a documentary titled Darurat (Emergency).

His role as a villain was most prominent in the film Embun, in which he played “Akaishi”, a Japanese soldier.

The role won him the Best Supporting Actor award at the 16th Malaysian Film Festival in 2003.

Izi’s remains were taken to his family home in Datuk Keramat, Kuala Lumpur, for burial at the Ulu Klang Muslim cemetery. — Bernama

Sunday, June 24, 2007


High time la for minimum wage to be enforceable in Malaysia. How do you expect a worker earning RM 200-500 permonth to survive? If he's married and have children(s), its barely enough to cover food expenses alone.

Think about this, the national poverty level in Malaysia is RM 691 in Peninsular Malaysia, RM 888 in Sabah and RM 765 in Sarawak. In contrast workers in 5 star hotels in KL earns about RM 295 which is the waiters and cleaners.

Now, tell me if there is nothing wrong about that. And dont let me start with factory workers and others who are in the same boat.

Tourism, as reported in the mainstream media is Malaysia's second highest in foreign exchange earner but they cannot even pay those workers in the industry a decent salary. And we demanded that they smile for the tourists, welcoming them since they are the frontline guys.

MTUC will be picketing if this demand are not met by the Government.

Who can blame them, if the salary they earn to make ends meet is just a mere RM 295.00 per month anyway.

And Malaysia aims to be a developed nation on these guys blood, sweat and tears.

How ironic, isnt it?

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Clinic holds baby ‘hostage’ over RM985

A THREE-day-old baby girl was kept “hostage” by a private clinic in Masai, Johor, because her family were unable to pay the RM985 clinic charges.

Harian Metro reported that the baby, born on June 18, was not only separated from her mother but also had to sleep on a weighing scale.

The baby's luck changed when officers from the state Health Department, the Pharmaceutical Department and the Immigration Department raided the clinic on suspicion that the doctor was selling sleeping pills to drug users.

Dr Haslina Zamani, the deputy director from the state Health Department's Private Medical Practice Control Unit, said that the baby was returned to her parents at Kampung Pertanian on Thursday.
Source: The STAR Online, June 23rd, 2007.

I am outraged reading the news above. How could anyone act so damm cruel is really beyond me.

Looks like money rule this Malaysian mind. Compassion and kindness must have took the backseat that day. I remembered another similar case just few weeks ago where a private hospital refused to admit an elderly woman who was beaten until the son put up a huge amount of money as deposit. The woman ended up dead on her way to a government hospital. And its not the first time it happened.

Dont tell me the clinic/ doctor have exhausted all reasonable way to get what was owed? I am quite sure, if the parents have enough money, they would have paid. The baby was only 3 day's old for God's sake. And on top of that, the newborn was left sleeping on a weighing scale!

I cant imagine what the mother must have felt to be separated from her baby. I cannot but think about the helpless father who must wonder how he's going to find money to pay the clinic so that his baby can be released. I am overwhelmed with sadness thinking about the baby.

To the doctor/ clinic I'll say: May you rot in the deepest hell!

Friday, June 22, 2007


After reading my blog, a friend smsed me.

"Beb, why kutuk sangat KJ tu, ko jeles ke". (Why you said bad things about KJ? Are you jealous?). I didn't reply.

Nope, its not because I cant take criticism. I was in a meeting. And for the whole day I was stuck doing this paperwork. I just got back from the office.

Anyway, let me stress this one fact. No, I am not jealous of KJ. Who is he anyway? I am not competing with him. But the thing is, if he is a successful corporate figure, or a well known athlete, or a famous academician, I wont give a shit about him (Seriously, I think Malaysiakini wont give a shit, either).

KJ, on the other hand, is a politician. He's young, ambitious and brilliant. There, I'll be the first one to admit that. 31 years old and he's already become the deputy youth chief. People will say, that its because of his FIL (father in law) influence. Sure, I'll admit that too, being connected to big guns does have its benefit, but who doesnt anyway? He's not the first one. Look at the DPM. Won his first election uncontested after the death of his father at a very young age of 23 years old because his father was the PM.

Of course, I do not agree with some of KJ's antics, especially the stupid ones. And I wont comment on things that I am not sure or dont know about. Let other people do that.

I realize one day, KJ might lead us, whether we like it or not. Perhaps by criticising him of his wrong doings will drill some sense in his head and make him realize that he cannot take things for granted. He got to watch it. If we dont do this, our next generation of leaders will repeat the same thing of what are wrong nowadays.

That my friend, is why I kutuk KJ.


Anonymous alerted me in his comment that it was reported in Malaysiakini, KJ has settled his summonses totaling RM 1,740.00 and not RM 5,100.00 as previously mentioned.

And I thought it ends there.

No way brother.

It gets better.

Further checks by Malaysiakini shows that 10 of the offences were committed after KJ's driving licence expired since Oct 21, 2006. KJ when asked about this, told Malaysiakini that he was unsure whether what was reported is true and promised to check it out with JPJ.

I really dont think its necessary for KJ to go to JPJ and enquire about his driving licence status. Its really very simple, just take a look at the current onela. If it's expired, only then you go to the JPJ and asked them to correct their online records. What's so difficult about that?*Sigh*. After all, its easy to renew driving licences, even his balachis can do it.

The bigger picture here, as a public figure and the SOL of the PM, it is expected for KJ to show good examples, like strictly follow the law of the land.

It may seem like a small thing, but imagine, if KJ does not respect the law, how could we expect him to run a country?

Malulah sikit, beb.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Ring, ring.

I picked my office phone. "Hellowp". Silence on the other end.
I put the phone down.

Ring, ring.

Picked up the phone again. "Hello? ". No answer.
I was getting irritated. Put the phone down again.

Ring, ring.

Again, picked up the phone. I decided not to say anything.

Male voice : "Umm, Hello".
Akula :"Yes, can I help you?"
Male voice: "Is Yasmin there?"
Akula: "Yes, just a sec".

I waited a few seconds before replying while covering the mouth piece with my hand.

Akula : "She's on her way. BTW, did you call just now......... twice?".
Male Voice: " Emm, yes, I did".
Akula : "Why didnt you answer when I said hello, man?"
Male Voice : "Well, your voice is not what I expected to hear. This is Yasmin's direct line, right?"
Akula : "Dude, at least you should asked if you are not sure, right"
Male, in a I-am-bored voice: "Whatever,.... now, can you put Yasmin on?"
Akula : "Hey asshole, you got the wrong number, this is my direct line and there's no f**king Yasmin here!"

Slammed the phone down.

I dont understand why people like to do that. Just asked if its the correct number. Acting like an idiot with self confidence issues wont help at all.

I was completely satisfied for making that guy wondered whether, he really got the wrong number and Yasmin was really not there, or he irritated me so much that I refused to pass the line to Yasmin.

Either way, its not my concern.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


A good piece written by Winged Acrophobic.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


The Code of Ethics for MPs, among others, aims to provide a set of disciplines and guidelines that must be adhered to by the MPs whether in the august house or outside.

Mohamed Nazri, who is also Deputy Chairman of the Select Committee, said the Code of Ethics would enable all cases of ethics violation by MPs to be discussed and investigated by Standing Committee on the Code of Ethics for MPs instead of being debated in the house.

It will also enable members of the public to lodge complaints on irregularities committed by MPs in discharging their responsibilities.

Meanwhile, Acting Chairman of the Backbenchers Club (BBC) Datuk Raja Ahmad Zainuddin Raja Omar, who is also a member of the Select Committee, denied that the setting up of the committee was due to the increasing cases of ethics violation by MPs.
- Source - Bernama. 19 June 2007.

I wouldnt jump up and down reading this news piece. In my opinion, they can create a whole lot of Code of Whatever, but if the MP's themselves are not sincere to follow the guidelines, honestly I dont think it will work.

MP's should mind their language and behaviour all the time and failing to do so just shows how irresponsible they are.

By the way, this article did not mention what kind of punishment will be given to those MPs who violates the Code of Ethics. In this case, I would like to suggest to the Select Committee to consider rotan punggung (public caning), ketuk ketampi and lari keliling (run around) Parliament as penalty.

They are a bunch of grown up school boys anyway.

Monday, June 18, 2007


If you miss this in todays newspaper, a man named Jaja Stone (yes, thats right) did a stunt by pulling a 8.9 tons bus with his penis for 50 metres. Only in Indonesia.

I was wondering what interests the crowd more, Mr. Jaja Stone or his penis since from the pic above, it looks like they're eyeing the bad boy downstairs. But maybe thats my imagination.

I cannot help but wonder how Mr. Jaja Stone's wife felt that night. :)

Source: Utusan Malaysia - 18/6/2007

Sunday, June 17, 2007


“It is not the Prime Minister's intention to allow the freedom to be breached and for questions to be raised on the fundamental rights of Malaysians under our social contract.”

“It (freedom) was also not granted to the media to raise sensitive issues relating to religion and the rights of any particular race.”

I am not a lawyer, but I find its hard to believe that the Prime Minister is the sole authority to decide on what we can and we cannot do. Correct me if I am wrong but arent fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution and not the social contract (whatever that is)? And since when we uphold social contract as the supreme law of Malaysia?

Seriously, I can see the need of the media to practice self censorship, but I dont agree with the word granted. Fundamental rights is not granted, it is our rights to start with. In my view, laws and regulations are formulated to protect that fundamental rights, not to deter it.

About the social contract, it has been mentioned time and again, but what I want to know is, who made the social contract and when and by whom? Our previous leaders? Or was it forced upon us by our former colonial masters? And if our former leaders jumped in a hole full of horse shit yelling yippykaye motherf**ker, shouldnt we by now, after 50 years of Independence starts to clean up that shit, or should we just continue emitting horse shit smells forever?

BTW, the quote above is from another ignorance Minister, as ignorance as another Minister who few years back proposed a multi million RM training facilities for Malaysian athletes in the UK, which however hard I tried, failed to see the sanity of the proposal.

My intelligence is truly being asaulted.


PHUKET 1996.

A VVIP was scheduled to embark from a cruise ship at one of the many beach in Phuket. It was a hot day. Earlier I had to drive for 7 hours from Songkhla to Phuket for the VVIP visit. His visit programme is to embark from the cruise ship (its from Port Klang) and proceed to Phuket International Airport for a flight to Andaman.

I arrived at the beach and saw the cruise ship mooring. I went through the checklist of things that needs to be done in my head. Everything looks good. I studied the surroundings. Suddenly it dawned on me that everybody else on the beach is half naked, and my boss and I were the only one with full suit, sweating profusely. Damm it. I stood there motionless, trying to act that wearing a suit, on a hot day, on the beach, surrounded by half naked tourists is a normal, everyday thing.

I could see puzzling faces around me. One of them, a blonde and stunning girl, braved the awkward situation and asked me "So, who's coming dude?" I replied, "Its the VVIP, from Malaysia". "Thats really cool". She said "but I pity you guys, dont you wish you are without that suits, here on this beach". I said. "Appreciate your concern, but dont worry, though, I'll be hitting the beach right after this".

The VVIP came ashore and we whisked him away to the airport. My job done, still wearing my suit, I went straight to the beach, meet up with the girl and got her room number. We went for a nice dinner that evening and I ended up staying in Phuket for another 2 days with her.

Its really strange, but guys with full suit on a hot day at the beach really attracts hot girls attention.

Thank you Mr. VVIP sir.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Last Friday night, I went to my first major kenduri since I got back from overseas. I was expected anyway, all my aunts, uncles and relatives will be there.

Its somewhere in Cheras and from my place, I estimated that it will only take about 30 minutes. I was familiar with the area since I have lived there, before I went abroad. But I got lost (as expected). In addition there is the weekly pasar malam in full swing, blocking the access road, and after 2 hours of guessing and cursing, I finally arrived at the place.

The night was blessed with really heavy pouring rain.

The Akad Nikah

The akad ceremony, the Imam, surrounded by hordes of self appointed photographers, (me included), relatives and friends of the couple, gave advise and tips on marriage life to the groom. Everybody were giving their utmost attention to the khutbah nikah and everything was quite. No sounds or voices were heard when suddenly a loud ringing sound broke the silence. We look at each other's faces, wondering who the hell did not switch off their handphones. Then I saw the Imam, sheepishly took out his handphone and said "Maaf ye, saya punya" and proceed to answer the incoming call "Ha, saya tengah nak nikah orang ni, ok, ok. Kang saya call balik, lepas ni la". The crowd broke into laughter. Even the nervous groom. Continuing the ceremony, the groom successfully said his lafaz nikah in one go.

I saw an aunt outside the house, standing under an umbrella with another cousin holding a white t shirt. I asked them "What are you doing with the t shirt?" The aunt replied "To throw on the roof la, petua stopping the rain tomorrow. You stayed overseas too long until you dont remember your petua already ha?" Ribbing me. "As far as I know, you have to hang chilies, not throwing t shirt" I said. "Chilies already done la, this is another petua, orang oversea oi", she shot back as she instructed my cousin to do it. They threw that poor t shirt up the roof.

The Wedding Day

I could see black clouds in the sky. People started to come at 11.oo am. The crowd grew bigger by the hour. My cousin looks great in her traditional Malay wedding dress. I congratulate the newlyweds and went around to meet up with my relatives.

Yes, the celebrity Chef Ismail is one of the relative, and he's the family's caterer. You can see him in the photo below singing his heart out, belting one after another of yesteryears hit.

At around 3.00 pm, after no more guests arrived, it rained as if on cue. Guess the the chilies and t shirt does work after all. See the photo below, dishwasher boys happily washing the dishes in the rain.

I thought to myself, those kids running around were babies, when I left Malaysia 11 years ago. My uncles and aunts looks a bit older and wiser. Cousins were married and have their own babies now. And they still hang chilies to stop the rain plus the new tshirt petua of course.

But teasing, ribbings and petua still remains as ever as part of the kenduri's charm and magic.

All those years abroad, I guess I've missed all the fun.

Friday, June 15, 2007


You guys did this to me. My PC screen is splattered with my RM 1.20 Nescafe Tarik. And so is my shirt. I couldnt believe the statistic on my screen. As of 12.18 pm today, this blog was access for 143 times! Thats a record for a newbie like me! Usually, it will be around 40- 60 visit per day. Here's the stat.

Last Hour 36
Today 143

Thank you so much for visiting. I am really happy to know people do read what I wrote. And the best thing is, you dont have to agree with me. Once again thanks a million. And please do put up your comments.

With that said, you guys still owe me a Nescafe Tarik . (Oh, and a new shirt). :)


Men beware! If you think you can get away leaving your mistresses just like that, after cohabiting with her, think again. Mistresses do have rights. This landmark decision should serve as a wake up call to all men, wife's and mistresses alike.

I will not be surprised if mistresses starts flocking to the court as the result of this ruling.

Men will tremble, woman will have added arsenals in the ever bitter gender war.

Now, what about those toyboys?

From The Star News Online
Mistresses have rights, too


PUTRAJAYA: Women, including mistresses, have rights in modern-day society and therefore should not be treated as chattel, the Court of Appeal ruled in a landmark decision.

Justice Gopal Sri Ram said following an English case law in 1858, the English courts at that time did not recognise the rights of women as they were then only considered as chattels.

However, he said the concepts in equity were not carved in stone and have since evolved according to the circumstances of contemporaneous society.

“Otherwise, women will have no rights at all today.

“Do you think in this day and age we should apply principles relevant to society, which treat women as chattels? It would be a retrogressive step.”

He said this in a landmark decision that unanimously allowed babysitter Heng Gek Kiau's appeal against a High Court decision to order her to transfer a single storey semi-detached house in Taman Sri Skudai, Johor Baru to her then lover Goh Koon Suan.

The High Court then had declared that Goh, a wealthy Singaporean businessman, was the owner of the property and that his mistress Heng had only held it in trust for him.

Justice Sri Ram, who sat with Justices Zainun Ali and Hasan Lah, said the decision in this case was “ground breaking” as this was the first time a court of law has ruled that a mistress has rights.

The Court of Appeal, in setting aside the High Court's orders, ordered Goh, 72, to pay costs.

The appellate court judges also ordered that Goh release the house's title deed to Heng and remove a private caveat he had lodged on that property.

In his statement of claim, Goh stated in 1968, that he met Heng, an Indonesian illegal immigrant then and five years later he cohabitated with her.

He claimed in 1980, after she had become a Malaysian citizen, he bought the house but kept the title deed with him.

Heng claimed that Goh bought her the house but throughout her stay, she had maintained and paid for all the utilities including the land assessment rate and the quit rent.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


I was driving in Putrajaya the other day, leisurely. A black SUV suddenly zoomed past me really, really fast.

No nothing happened to me.

I glanced at the car and noticed the plate number. I usually do not pay attention to those cars who wants to overtake me. But this one really caught my attention. I said to myself, hmmmm, thats something else. The things is, in Putrajaya, you'll find all the XIII NAM, the PUTRAJAYA, DC and CC, the SUKOM, X OIC, XI ASEAN, BAMbee plate number. This car is unique in the sense that it doesnt carry any of the one I mentioned above. Instead, it bears the number KJ10Q.

I asked my colleague about it. "Man, you've been out of this country for so long, you are so out of touch. It belong to the Prime Minister son in law la. KJ stands for Khairy Jamaluddin, 10 Q is thank you. The story goes, someone gave him the plate number as a thank you gesture". He said. " Ok, its cool". I replied.

Actually, I really dont care much about what kind of plate number people want to use. Its his car's anyway, and if he wants to put a billboard size plate number that says, I AM THE PM'S SOL (son in law) I couldnt care less either.

So that's that, I thought.

Until I read Malaysiakini just now. It was reported in Malaysiakini, KJ has outstanding summons for various traffic offences amounting to RM 5,100.00. Guess for what car? The SUV KJ10Q la, what else. (He owns few others which were also issued with tickets). It was confirmed by KJ himself in an SMS to the enquiring Malaysiakini reporter. (Sorry cant link to the article. You have to subscribed to read it, and I wont give you my password, hehehe).

So what do we have here?

An ambitious, brilliant young politician who aims to be the youngest Prime Minister or just a speed junkie who dont give a damm about respecting the law?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


News Flash

Check out tribute to arwah Mat Awet by Winged Acrophobic.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I am an addicted smoker. I admit that. I like to pollute my lungs with nicotine and that’s that.

Before you guys (those who doesn’t smoke) are going to jump up and down, feeling the need and craving to lecture me on how bad smoking is for my health, let me tell you this, I know, I understand and I get it. These days, who doesn’t anyway.

I don’t know if I am generalizing here, but girls usually don’t like men who smoke. Like KA, a girl I used to date. One day, she gave me an ultimatum to choose between her and my cigarettes. I told her without hesitation “Cigarettes with a big, towering capital C’. She dumped me. I am cool with that.

The thing is, with relationship, for me at least, its not about cigarettes. Its got nothing to do with the fact that I chose Dunhill (London, Paris, New York) over a beautiful, sweet and charming girl. Its not about that. The way I figured, if she could not look pass my hazy self, then she don’t know me at all.

I always protect my freedom. As you guys know, I have been living by myself (I mean with friends) since I was in secondary school. To be free to make my own choices and decisions is sacred to me. If a girl thinks that she can budge into my life and take control of what I should or shouldn’t do, think again. She can find someone else for all I care. No hard feelings.

A girl should trust me enough and let me make my own decision to quit. Not forcing it. Changes should come from within oneself. Of course, a supportive girlfriend does help.

I am all for watching sunsets, hold you in my arms (with a cigarette in my hands of course), all the romantic stuff. That’s for sure.

Wouldn’t it be romantic if I could say “Hey you know, I am killing myself with this. I am quitting right now (action: throw away the cigarette) because I love you. I want to grow old together……with you”.

Hahaha. You wish!.


Finally, after 11 years, the Dutch Government and the UN have to answer about their role in allowing the Srebrenica's massacre to happen. In court.

A friend of mine, Hasan (a Bosnian) came from Srebrenica. I met him in Zagreb's mosque in 1998 which were (and still are) the focal point of the Muslim population in Zagreb. He's a refugee and was lucky enough to escape with his life when it happened. His father, all his male siblings and relatives were killed in that massacre.

I cant imagine how people like Hasan deals with the tragedy everyday for the rest of his life.

Hopefully, as a Malaysian, I dont have to.

Just a year before that, between April and July 1994, in a short period of 4 months, an estimated 800,000 people were killed in Rwanda. The UN Secretary General acknowledged UN failure in 1998 to prevent the genocide. It's endless.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


There are 3 kinds of people that I hate:-

1. People who dont know shit about me and yet try to give me advice on how to live my life.
2. People who tried to force me to believe in what they believe.
3. People who whine.

No 1

"Akula, I think its not proper for you to wear Indonesian batik to the function, you should instead wear Malaysian batikla. Not nice you know, you are a Malaysian, you should be proud of yourself as Malaysian". Somebody told me when I was about to go to my Indonesian friend's wedding when I was abroad. Actually this guy like to comment on everything, my car, my job, my ehem *cough* even though he just met me. I was patience enough with him for a while but on that day, I was really annoyed. So I shot back at him "Who the f**k are you? My mother?". Needless to say, he stop badgering me after that and I didnt meet him again.

Regret? None whatsoever.

No 2

A friend told me how he witnessed a woman who is so religous and can make precious stones appear out of thin air. He is a Malay and of course a Muslim by the way. He prays 5 times a day, never falter in fulfilling his obligation to God. A good man. He then asked me "You dont believe me, do you?". I replied. "Not a word". "Well, its true, I saw this with my own eyes, it happened right in front of me" He tried to convince me. " Yeah, man, whatever" I was bored like hell. He then proceed to tell me that he learned silat as a young man and his guru silat taught him ilmu kebal. "But that is only for self defence, not for showing off. That is why I have to strictly perform my daily prayers everyday or I will loose it".

So I poured a box of thumb tacks on his seat while he was not looking. "YEEEEOOOOOWWW!" he screamed and jumped from his chair. " I just said to him "Bro, you're really loosing your ilmu kebal. Better pray harder, man".

He quit being a friend.

No 3

"Akula. I spent many years doing my job as best as I could, and my company dont even recognise my contribution, who am I anyway, I am not a high flyer like them, I think I dont even exist in their eyes and I slaved myself for them". He kept on whining like a small child who wanted his ice cream. I told him "Could you please snap out of it and act like a 46 years old man?".

I greeted the silence with open arms.

*silat - Malay martial arts
guru silat - the silat master
ilmu kebal - the ability to be invincible, knife, bullet wont harm your body

Saturday, June 9, 2007


That's right. So he's married. So what? People got married all the time. Nothing unusual about that.

"Well, he is The Prime Minister, for God's sake!". You may say.

I know that.

For me, its just like when Siti Nurhaliza married Dato' K. Yeah, so?

I dont see the point at all, the big hu ha in sensationalizing the news. Now let see, what will come out of this? At the end of the day, after all the excitement died down, do we see any changes in the social, political and economic scenario? None. Nothing. Except that maybe people will buy more newspapers, perhaps 3 or 4 instead the usual one. All for the same line, same story. Even Tun Mahathir's obligatory response was blown up as if its a big thing by the media. What la?

However, I do miss the ever popular response from the Prime Minister whenever he was asked about those who criticise him, be it on his governing styles, on IDR or on other issues, " We have a lot of work to do". I didnt read such comments anywhere this time. Ah, well, maybe he's so happy and in love.

I do think however, that the next General Election is around the corner. Considering all the facts, the feeeeelllll goooood feelings as pictured by mainstream media's plus this piece of news of the Prime Minister got married, I dare say its upon us.

As the ever proud Malaysian, I wish you Mr. Prime Minister, Sir.. Congratulations!.

But that is all you'll get from me. Nothing more.

Friday, June 8, 2007


It was reported in The Star today that Penang is being invaded by transvestites from Thailand, apparently to meet demands. And this occurred because foreign prostitutes were forced to go into hiding after frequent crackdowns by the authorities.

I was flabbergasted by this piece of news. Talk about being logic. Won't the customers notice the difference? Imagine a customer after paying the agreed price, follows the girl to the room, suddenly notice something " What's that hanging from under your belly?". Man, I really dont know what to say.

But then, I won't blame the vice syndicates for thinking they could pull it off, if those imported ones looks like Miss (Huh?) Thanyarasmi Siraphatphakorn, the current Miss Tiffany Universe, Thailand.

I must confessed that Miss (huh? again) Thanyarasmi looks every bit like a dream girl.

Lust is a weird thing, I supposed.


We were young. All 131 of us were sent to this school by our parents, hoping their children will someday be successful in life.

So begin our life in a residential school. We learn how to survive without the supervision of our parents. We did errands for our seniors and took the bullying like a man. That’s what we’re supposed to be anyway. In those days, forget about going to the teachers and wardens as they will tell us that we should grow up and tough it out. Its tradition. Our seniors told us. One day we will do the same thing to our juniors.

We adjusted well and embraced the fact that we will be there for a long five years. Throughout the journey, a few of us had to leave school for all sort of reasons. We continue to learn about the facts of life, surviving, having fun and absorbed all things the school thrown to us.

We grew up leaving the school with enough experiences and education to last us a life time. And through it all we stuck together.

Years passed and we were scattered all over finding our role to play in this life. Contacts were lost and renewed, reunions held now and then. A lot of us made it, some are captains of industry, hot shot lawyers, bankers, doctors, diplomats, civil servants, corporate figures, engineers, businessman, politicians, world known travelers, pilots, all up and coming names in their chosen professions.

We had lost one in this life’s journey and we lost another just last Tuesday. We grieved and went to his funeral, offering our condolences to the family. We talked about the old days, and how he touched each of our lives. We said our prayers.

We were there not as what we are everyday in our professional lives.

Instead, we were there as brothers, bidding farewell to one of our own.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Goodbye brother
For you are going to a better place

Goodbye brother
Your parents and families will miss you

Goodbye brother
Our heart are full of sorrow for your wife and daughter you left behind

Goodbye brother
You touched our life

Goodbye brother
Sadness hung around us

Goodbye brother
Our tears, we shed for you

Goodbye brother
Our feelings shattered, our emotions tattered

Goodbye brother
We'll mourn your passing

Be at peace brother
Our prayers are with you

We love you brother
Forever and always

This post is for you, dear friend and brother.
Ku Petik Bintang-bintang 82-86
June 6, 2007

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

LONG LIVE THE KING! by The Sworn Knights of The Durian Order

If you dont know this already, a Thai scientist, Songpol Somsri, has succesfully bred odorless durians as was reported in International Herald Tribune.

Odorless durian? Has Khun Songpol gone MAD? Durian without smells is like a McDonalds without the Ronald guy, Pirates of the Carribeans without Captain Jack Sparrow and Saudi Arabia without its oil! What is he thinking?

Enough discriminatory rules have been imposed everywhere to restrict the durian's freedom of movement. NO DURIANS ALLOWED. Hotels, public transports, airports all of them are conniving with their evil plans to limit its rights. Even the public are not spared in these places. Try mentioning the word durian, and you will draw dirty looks and suspicious stares from the security, ready to deploy their rapid anti durian squad.

The once majestic durian existence is now being reduced to appear only in fruit stalls, roadsides and wet markets.

And now this? Khun Songpol, how could you cruelly assasinate the soul of the beloved King of Fruits? Don't you realize, the smell is what makes a durian, ..........durian?

I call upon all my durian loving brethren. Fight now. The end is near.

Khun Songpol. You'll be damned.

*Khun - Mister (Thai)

Saturday, June 2, 2007


No, these naked guys are not from animal rights group which pictures will be more pleasing to the eye.

These are Uni students in the Philippines who choose to go naked and ran in the streets as a form of protest to the Government for not providing enough funds to education.

Naked butt noble intention indeed.

Picture's source : BBC NEWS ONLINE


New post on marriage.


I met a lot of ex Malaysians during my time abroad, who gave up their Malaysian citizenship and acquire the citizenship of their adopted country. When I asked, why they made that choice, their answers range from for the sake of their children’s education, to live a better life and because of the fact that they were married with foreigners. I truly respect and admire their sacrifice for the sake of their better future in life.

Then, there were those whose reasons was that, so they can enjoy the best of both worlds, since their adopted country allows dual citizenship. I am cool with that too, but I did advised them Malaysia doesn’t allow dual citizenship and if they were found to have another country’s citizenship while they are in Malaysia by the authorities, their Malaysian citizenship will be revoke.

I also did meet a few ex Malaysian who renounced their Malaysian citizenship so that they can withdraw their EPF savings.

Words just escape me, whenever I heard that kind of reply. But I guess maybe they really were desperate enough.

Some of them, who are now retired, asked me how to get the Malaysian citizenship back because they want to go back and live in Malaysia. When I enquired why, they said they want to spend their remaining life in Malaysia and as a Malaysian. I don’t have the heart to tell them it’s a very difficult and long process and the fact that they were once a Malaysian doesn’t help them in anyway. “There is this Malaysia My Second Home Programme, you know, maybe you could look into that”. I told them.

Renouncing a citizenship of any country is a serious matter. Giving it up demands sacrifices. And I for one, do admire the sacrifices that they made.

But not for EPF savingslah, please.