Tuesday, June 5, 2007

LONG LIVE THE KING! by The Sworn Knights of The Durian Order

If you dont know this already, a Thai scientist, Songpol Somsri, has succesfully bred odorless durians as was reported in International Herald Tribune.

Odorless durian? Has Khun Songpol gone MAD? Durian without smells is like a McDonalds without the Ronald guy, Pirates of the Carribeans without Captain Jack Sparrow and Saudi Arabia without its oil! What is he thinking?

Enough discriminatory rules have been imposed everywhere to restrict the durian's freedom of movement. NO DURIANS ALLOWED. Hotels, public transports, airports all of them are conniving with their evil plans to limit its rights. Even the public are not spared in these places. Try mentioning the word durian, and you will draw dirty looks and suspicious stares from the security, ready to deploy their rapid anti durian squad.

The once majestic durian existence is now being reduced to appear only in fruit stalls, roadsides and wet markets.

And now this? Khun Songpol, how could you cruelly assasinate the soul of the beloved King of Fruits? Don't you realize, the smell is what makes a durian, ..........durian?

I call upon all my durian loving brethren. Fight now. The end is near.

Khun Songpol. You'll be damned.

*Khun - Mister (Thai)


M.I.S.S.Y said...

emm..odorless or non odorless (??) i dont eat durians, period! errkkk was it becoz of the smell y i didnt eat durian..arghh im so confused..

(my tattoo is fading..kekekek)

Desparil said...

aiyo... that's half the fun gone already..

akula said...

missy : aparah beb,

desparil : Yeah same feeling here

Lil' Miss Easydent said...

pergh. the defender of the durian clans. rare species ni. :P

akula said...

LME: Join our cause?

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

odourless ka odourful ka, durians will never come anywhere near my tastebuds.

long live the Khun!

Anonymous said...

Durian ni macam marmite la..... either you hate it or you love it. Also Durian without odour just like ketiak without odour la...

Which one you want? Odourless ketiak or the latter.

akula said...

babe: Tak moh kawan!

anonymous: Hahaha, funny. But the tto think about it. how can you makan ketiak?

Anonymous said...

Long live Akula, the khun of deroyan..