Saturday, June 16, 2007


Last Friday night, I went to my first major kenduri since I got back from overseas. I was expected anyway, all my aunts, uncles and relatives will be there.

Its somewhere in Cheras and from my place, I estimated that it will only take about 30 minutes. I was familiar with the area since I have lived there, before I went abroad. But I got lost (as expected). In addition there is the weekly pasar malam in full swing, blocking the access road, and after 2 hours of guessing and cursing, I finally arrived at the place.

The night was blessed with really heavy pouring rain.

The Akad Nikah

The akad ceremony, the Imam, surrounded by hordes of self appointed photographers, (me included), relatives and friends of the couple, gave advise and tips on marriage life to the groom. Everybody were giving their utmost attention to the khutbah nikah and everything was quite. No sounds or voices were heard when suddenly a loud ringing sound broke the silence. We look at each other's faces, wondering who the hell did not switch off their handphones. Then I saw the Imam, sheepishly took out his handphone and said "Maaf ye, saya punya" and proceed to answer the incoming call "Ha, saya tengah nak nikah orang ni, ok, ok. Kang saya call balik, lepas ni la". The crowd broke into laughter. Even the nervous groom. Continuing the ceremony, the groom successfully said his lafaz nikah in one go.

I saw an aunt outside the house, standing under an umbrella with another cousin holding a white t shirt. I asked them "What are you doing with the t shirt?" The aunt replied "To throw on the roof la, petua stopping the rain tomorrow. You stayed overseas too long until you dont remember your petua already ha?" Ribbing me. "As far as I know, you have to hang chilies, not throwing t shirt" I said. "Chilies already done la, this is another petua, orang oversea oi", she shot back as she instructed my cousin to do it. They threw that poor t shirt up the roof.

The Wedding Day

I could see black clouds in the sky. People started to come at 11.oo am. The crowd grew bigger by the hour. My cousin looks great in her traditional Malay wedding dress. I congratulate the newlyweds and went around to meet up with my relatives.

Yes, the celebrity Chef Ismail is one of the relative, and he's the family's caterer. You can see him in the photo below singing his heart out, belting one after another of yesteryears hit.

At around 3.00 pm, after no more guests arrived, it rained as if on cue. Guess the the chilies and t shirt does work after all. See the photo below, dishwasher boys happily washing the dishes in the rain.

I thought to myself, those kids running around were babies, when I left Malaysia 11 years ago. My uncles and aunts looks a bit older and wiser. Cousins were married and have their own babies now. And they still hang chilies to stop the rain plus the new tshirt petua of course.

But teasing, ribbings and petua still remains as ever as part of the kenduri's charm and magic.

All those years abroad, I guess I've missed all the fun.


UglyButAdorable said...

sometimes being abroad makes us appreciate those little things that we tend to overlook...

dun talk about 11 years la bro...3 yrs makes lotsa difference too..

akula said...

uba: Yeah I know. Nothing like the good ol' Malaysia.

Mya said...

Yes, those petuas does work. My aunt threw an old shirt plus a new crocodile spender on her roof in 2002 and forgot about it till 2005. Do u know what 3 yrs worth of climate changes can do to cotton??

akula said...

mya: Hahaha, cant imagine. Must the crocodile spender's magic.