Sunday, June 17, 2007


PHUKET 1996.

A VVIP was scheduled to embark from a cruise ship at one of the many beach in Phuket. It was a hot day. Earlier I had to drive for 7 hours from Songkhla to Phuket for the VVIP visit. His visit programme is to embark from the cruise ship (its from Port Klang) and proceed to Phuket International Airport for a flight to Andaman.

I arrived at the beach and saw the cruise ship mooring. I went through the checklist of things that needs to be done in my head. Everything looks good. I studied the surroundings. Suddenly it dawned on me that everybody else on the beach is half naked, and my boss and I were the only one with full suit, sweating profusely. Damm it. I stood there motionless, trying to act that wearing a suit, on a hot day, on the beach, surrounded by half naked tourists is a normal, everyday thing.

I could see puzzling faces around me. One of them, a blonde and stunning girl, braved the awkward situation and asked me "So, who's coming dude?" I replied, "Its the VVIP, from Malaysia". "Thats really cool". She said "but I pity you guys, dont you wish you are without that suits, here on this beach". I said. "Appreciate your concern, but dont worry, though, I'll be hitting the beach right after this".

The VVIP came ashore and we whisked him away to the airport. My job done, still wearing my suit, I went straight to the beach, meet up with the girl and got her room number. We went for a nice dinner that evening and I ended up staying in Phuket for another 2 days with her.

Its really strange, but guys with full suit on a hot day at the beach really attracts hot girls attention.

Thank you Mr. VVIP sir.


Winged Acrophobic said...

It's not the suit. It's the cool dude wearing it....

UglyButAdorable said...

at least she's not a bimbo..hehh..hehh..

akula said...

WA: I think the VVIP made me looks cool. Heheh

Uba: Haha, she's adventurous FYI.

Azwan said...

so .. what did she do :) ?

akula said...

azwan: oh well. u know....this and that. Hehehe

Azwan said...

this and that must be nice!