Sunday, June 24, 2007


High time la for minimum wage to be enforceable in Malaysia. How do you expect a worker earning RM 200-500 permonth to survive? If he's married and have children(s), its barely enough to cover food expenses alone.

Think about this, the national poverty level in Malaysia is RM 691 in Peninsular Malaysia, RM 888 in Sabah and RM 765 in Sarawak. In contrast workers in 5 star hotels in KL earns about RM 295 which is the waiters and cleaners.

Now, tell me if there is nothing wrong about that. And dont let me start with factory workers and others who are in the same boat.

Tourism, as reported in the mainstream media is Malaysia's second highest in foreign exchange earner but they cannot even pay those workers in the industry a decent salary. And we demanded that they smile for the tourists, welcoming them since they are the frontline guys.

MTUC will be picketing if this demand are not met by the Government.

Who can blame them, if the salary they earn to make ends meet is just a mere RM 295.00 per month anyway.

And Malaysia aims to be a developed nation on these guys blood, sweat and tears.

How ironic, isnt it?


The Winged Acrophobic said...

The trouble is with Malaysia's economy as with is its politics. The economic demography in the developed countries is diamond-shaped ie. the majority of the people are in the middle-class hence the economics are sound and wages are more in line with the citizens' needs. Our country's demography is a triangle, the majority are the low-income/lowly educated. As such the top strata has a tighter hold on the policies and therefore, on the matter of minimum pay. It's time for the bottom 80% of the triangle to make some noise! Most of our policy-makers are wage-payers, too. Hence the inertia and lack of mention by our leaders.

Cosmic_GurL said...

I seriously dont know how someone with a family could survive in KL earning less than RM500 a month. Have u ever met or know such a person?

mya said...

last weekend must be a lousy one for u n the guys listed in yr link. hobo's still reeling fr the rejectn by hot babes he's always chasing after, little knowing that his jodoh may not be with a hot one but a nice normal lady. Mr WA's stll raging mad at all the wrongs in the world and u, En Akula...well, yr banner eloquently express yr feelings... do refrain from all that nescafe tarik...too much caffeine la.

UglyButAdorable said...

to answer cosmic gurl..yes half of my staff on the bad month earn barely to make end meets...sometimes i pity them and the work they do i tell ya it ain;t easy

the 3 years i;m abroad, with minimum wages at least govt supports in term of benefits etc....yeah so some abuse it but to most people this small thing really helps

so i agree and support the MTUC demand, it's about time the govt wake up and start feeding the society that actually work than feeding those big boys who spends like nobody's business jet setting the world...etc..

akula said...

WA: Well said.

CG : Looks like UBA beat me to comment on your comment.

MYA : Hahaha, its so obvious ha? And we didnt even pakat to have a lousy week. Will consider reducing caffeine for world peace.

UBA: Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Lil' Miss Easydent said...

brg mahal, gaji murah. the low-earning people in the States are considered org senang kalo dtg Mesia. betul tak?

The Winged Acrophobic said...

Betul kata mya, is it a symptom of age?

D.N.A.S said...

If I live in KL and only earning RM295, baik duduk kampung la. At least kangkung, pisang and ikan sungai boleh dapat free.

Mr Hobo said...

mana ada symptom of age weh .... aku muda lagi ... 28 this year

Desparil said...

i agree. we need to start paying people a reasonable wage. takkan dari dulu sampai sekarang gaji sama saja.

M.I.S.S.Y said...

who is this mya, may i know eh?

*sorry tetiba lari topic..!!

akula said...

LME :Yes, memang la tersangat betulnya.

WA: Dunno, but I do feel I have to be piss off once in a while.

Dnas: Hmm,RM 295? I think maybe duduk kampung pun still tak cukup kot. nak harap sungai, sungai pun nazak. Orang tebang balak kat hulu sungai, ikan sumer kiok kat hilir.

Hobo dude : Yeah, you r the youngest one in in our batch.

Desparil: Thats too true. Honk if you see the picket line to show your support!

Missy: I have no idea. but I do know he loves rugby. ;)

Mya said...

he? he? u think i'm a he? weii just because i'm rabid about rugby doesn't mean i'm a he....

akula said...

MYA: My deepest apology. I was generalising. So did u see the AB vs wallabies?