Thursday, June 14, 2007


I was driving in Putrajaya the other day, leisurely. A black SUV suddenly zoomed past me really, really fast.

No nothing happened to me.

I glanced at the car and noticed the plate number. I usually do not pay attention to those cars who wants to overtake me. But this one really caught my attention. I said to myself, hmmmm, thats something else. The things is, in Putrajaya, you'll find all the XIII NAM, the PUTRAJAYA, DC and CC, the SUKOM, X OIC, XI ASEAN, BAMbee plate number. This car is unique in the sense that it doesnt carry any of the one I mentioned above. Instead, it bears the number KJ10Q.

I asked my colleague about it. "Man, you've been out of this country for so long, you are so out of touch. It belong to the Prime Minister son in law la. KJ stands for Khairy Jamaluddin, 10 Q is thank you. The story goes, someone gave him the plate number as a thank you gesture". He said. " Ok, its cool". I replied.

Actually, I really dont care much about what kind of plate number people want to use. Its his car's anyway, and if he wants to put a billboard size plate number that says, I AM THE PM'S SOL (son in law) I couldnt care less either.

So that's that, I thought.

Until I read Malaysiakini just now. It was reported in Malaysiakini, KJ has outstanding summons for various traffic offences amounting to RM 5,100.00. Guess for what car? The SUV KJ10Q la, what else. (He owns few others which were also issued with tickets). It was confirmed by KJ himself in an SMS to the enquiring Malaysiakini reporter. (Sorry cant link to the article. You have to subscribed to read it, and I wont give you my password, hehehe).

So what do we have here?

An ambitious, brilliant young politician who aims to be the youngest Prime Minister or just a speed junkie who dont give a damm about respecting the law?


Mr Hobo said...

he rawks! check out his hair .... after My Team ni i bet dia nak buat My Rock Band ... with him as the lead singer! Going international .... not takat Malaysia / Indonesia / Singapura / Brunei ja.


UglyButAdorable said...

malaysia boleh brudder!!! pak lah and clan rules!!!

M.I.S.S.Y said...

law is meant to be broken la braderrr..!!

so ada apa dengan KJ?? sengal siot mamat ni..!!

Winged Acrophobic said...

Member tu can rawk, can fawk, can whatever. But he can never be above the law. Kena saman, bayar la. Or is it that he wants to emphatise with the ground so much, he ignores the summons to feel what we the hoi poloi endure daily?

akula said...

hobo dude: I have to admire his marketing strategy to expose himself. Really brilliant.

Uba: Hah, nepotism goes loong way.

Missy : Beb, the bigger picture here, if he couldnt care less about his saman and traffic regulations now, imagine what will happen if he succeded in his quest to become the PM. That's what I meant.

WA: Entahnya, bayar je la. Apa susah. Kan SOL PM.

Anonymous said...

Latest Malaysiakini said he paid some of the fines. Probably after reading your blog.

akula said...

anonymous: Thanks for alerting me.

Anonymous said...

KJ10Q - suv porche....guess who gave it to him.....Azess Baling la. Thats why he got the Masitah seat of parlimentary