Thursday, June 21, 2007


Ring, ring.

I picked my office phone. "Hellowp". Silence on the other end.
I put the phone down.

Ring, ring.

Picked up the phone again. "Hello? ". No answer.
I was getting irritated. Put the phone down again.

Ring, ring.

Again, picked up the phone. I decided not to say anything.

Male voice : "Umm, Hello".
Akula :"Yes, can I help you?"
Male voice: "Is Yasmin there?"
Akula: "Yes, just a sec".

I waited a few seconds before replying while covering the mouth piece with my hand.

Akula : "She's on her way. BTW, did you call just now......... twice?".
Male Voice: " Emm, yes, I did".
Akula : "Why didnt you answer when I said hello, man?"
Male Voice : "Well, your voice is not what I expected to hear. This is Yasmin's direct line, right?"
Akula : "Dude, at least you should asked if you are not sure, right"
Male, in a I-am-bored voice: "Whatever,.... now, can you put Yasmin on?"
Akula : "Hey asshole, you got the wrong number, this is my direct line and there's no f**king Yasmin here!"

Slammed the phone down.

I dont understand why people like to do that. Just asked if its the correct number. Acting like an idiot with self confidence issues wont help at all.

I was completely satisfied for making that guy wondered whether, he really got the wrong number and Yasmin was really not there, or he irritated me so much that I refused to pass the line to Yasmin.

Either way, its not my concern.


Anonymous said...

so where is yasmin??

akula said...

anonymous: Hahaha, I am not telling.

UglyButAdorable said...

sesuai caller tu!!!! no balls!!!

M.I.S.S.Y said...

eh jap.. didnt u say, yasmin is on her way..and then suddenly u carut kan orang tu...

ayoo...!!dont like that la braderr..!!tak sexy tau marah2 camni...