Monday, April 30, 2007


I had a great teh tarik session just now with my office mates. The place is a bit far from my place. Took me about one and half hour with the traffic jam. No jam, just half and hour, which is very rare. Why they chose that place, far from our office, I really don't know.

Teh tarik sessions, as usual, and in my opinion brings out our bragging nature. (No, I did not brag about filing my tax return naked, in case you are wondering.)

I was particularly interested when Mr HRI, told us about his hidden talent. He can do massage. (Not that kind of massage la. Traditional massage, okay.) We start to pay real attention to him. No talking, no nothing. We listened to his massage stories like a 3 year old kid lapping lollipop. Give him our fullest attention. He told us that he inherited this talent from his father who was a famous Bomoh (What is Bomoh in English? Anyone?)

He told us that the other thing that he's blessed with, is that he can performed tarik duit (money pulling. Is that correct?). All of us were of course, very interested. Well, here is this guy, offering a way out to paradise!. No more worries about the high petrol price. Goodbye to ever increasing tolls charges. Minimum credit card payment? ....WHAT MINIMUM CREDIT CARD PAYMENT?! And Hello!, Visit Malaysia Year, here we come.

Mr MA : So, how did you do it?
Mr. HRI : Can't tell you that, its the pantang (forbidden?). I cannot disclose it or my ilmu (magic kot) will fade away.
Akula : How much money you already tarik (pull, get.)
Mr. HRI : Man, I tell you, its soooo much that I loose count.
Mr MFMD : Lets cut to the chase. We are interested. When can we do it?
Mr HRI : Okay, this coming Friday night. That is 3 days from today. But, I really hate to tell you this, we have to have duit tangkal first about RM 1,000.00 (What is duit tangkal? I give up! Hate this translation shit!).

I just smiled and look at Mr BH. He winked at me. I understood the signal right away. And like a bunch of musketeers, we made a pact. 3 days from now, Friday night, we will meet again, plus RM 1,000.00.

Time to go home, everyone is smiling, fantasizing. Our financial trouble will be over soon. We stood up. Mr. BH (the one who winked at me) said in a loud voice.

Mr. BH : Hey HRI. Round table la.
Akula : Yeah man. Surely you can belanja us. This is nothing man, compared to the thousands of RM you tarik.
Mr. HRI was dumbstruck. And timidly said : Errrk.... I am just going to ask you to belanja me. I forgot to draw my money.

We pooled our money with the other dumbstruck friends of ours and walk away.

I dont know about them but come Friday night, I wont be there.


M.I.S.S.Y said...

how cum la u can believe all this khurafat la...ayaaa...!!!

bomoh = shaman?

duit tangkal(hahahah kelakar siot) = duit pengeras kottt...?

akula said...

No, I dont believe in it, but I cannot deny his braging rights.

I do however believe in massage, especially the 'you know what' kind;)

M.I.S.S.Y said...

hemmm i wonder why u need that "u-know-what" kind of massage...age is catchin up izzit??

akula said...

Hahaha. Lawak giler. But a magician never reveal his secret.