Monday, April 9, 2007


This is my 26th attempt to start a blog. For the last 2 years. Seriously. My last 25 attempt was a disaster. Can't decide on almost everything. Catchy headers? I am not in advertisement. Candy eyed background and layouts? I am not an artistic person. Interesting content? Not a writer. Don't know the difference of HML, HTML, XML either. With that in mind, please bear with me.

The photo above got nothing to do with this post, there's no story or reason why I put it there. Just thought it looks good on a black layout. Just let me stress one thing. Like it or not, its mine. C & C are not welcome.

Nasi lemak and nescafe tarik is a favourite breakfast dish. Might as well advertise it. In doing that, if it reminds you to have a healthy breakfast or to have a breakfast, I am already a satisfied person.


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