Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I am not promoting Dina Zaman's new book I Am Muslim. No. Period. I am sure enough efforts, money and personal appearances by Dina herself have been made to do that. And I have never met her except through a few correspondences via emails.

However, I like the idea of her on going project which is to get a book publish written by you guys. The concepts and how to are define clearly in her blog I Am Muslim and I will not get into the details here. (Don't want to steal her thunder la).

When she was in malaysiakini, I had this bugging thought which I need to clear out of my head. So I wrote an article and send it to Dina's column. And she published it. I am telling you, for the whole month I felt like being on the top of the world. Nothing like getting your work published. And the best thing was, it invokes debates. Loved it.

So you guys, have a go at it. If you can talk, you definitely can write. It's just a matter of instead using your mouth, you used your hands. Your brain will still process the same output. Oh... and whatever Dina mentioned in her blog, about the need of using correct grammars, don't pay any attention to it. That is exactly why she has editors to rectify your grammar mistakes. :) On a serious note, from my personal experiences, if you worry about grammatical mistakes, it will stump the idea flows. And you'll get irritate, then you'll get mad. The same thing when you are eating. The uninterrupted process of using your hand to grab the nasik lemak, mixing it with sambal sotong and finally shoving it to your mouth is really important. Imagine while you are doing that, someone slap you at the back. All hell will break loose, right? That is what worrying about grammatical mistakes will do to your idea flow. You can correct your mistakes later, or just let Dina and her gang of editors do it for you. If you are already excellent, then the above advice is obviously not for you. Hehe.

I apologised for the preaching. I am still learning too, but what the hell, you'll never know if you don't try.

As for me, yes, I will contribute a piece of my opinion later, once I renegotiate the payment thing. :)

And Dina, if you read this, open table la. I hauled my ass off all over KL to buy your book, but at the end, still no book. Sold out. What la you.....kedekut ah?


ubisetela said...

If you can find her book, buy one for me can arrr? Will pay.

In return, will help u buy the all black jersey u want ;)

boleh dak?

akula said...

Sure beb. Will send it to u asap.

Let me know how to contact u.

Dont forget the all black jersey :)

M.I.S.S.Y said...

abih i pun nak gak la..but i dont have anything to tukar..mmmm how bout my lil sister ..kekkekekek

akula said...

Hahaha.... kelakor.

ubisetela said...

hi.. my email is

Anonymous said...

Hey i was reading your blog and i came upon this post and i just heard tat Dina Zaman will be having a talk at 95% Training Academy in Bangsar this comin Monday which is the 14th of May, titled "About Writing in Malaysia" from 8pm to 10pm. I was told to spread the word so please help spread the word too! Thought you might be interested. If anyone is interested they can call Hex at 03-22876095/7095 or email at

akula said...

anonymous: Thanks for the info.