Saturday, May 26, 2007


The first part of this post deals with Muslim’s how to. Again, I am not available to be your guide.

The same story, you fall in love, you want to get married. Well, I forgot to mention that tips on the first post also applies to those who wanted to marry foreigners. Sorry, lupa la.

Anyway, first, get a declaration from the National Registration Department that you are single, nothing but single. The same goes for your other half. If you are a divorcee, it’s much easier. You can use the court order that nullifies your previous marriage.

When you are in Thailand, go to the Malaysian Embassy in Bangkok or The Malaysian Consulate in Songkhla and apply to register your marriage. The form should be the one which state, Pendaftaran Perkahwinan Luar Negeri (Registration of Marriage Overseas). Of course you have to bring all the necessary documents plus a doctor’s report saying you are free from HIV. (Just kidding). Next step, nothing. Its’s done. With that Marriage cert, you are covered legally in Malaysia.

Words of advise, this tips is as true as my knowledge goes. Do make an effort to enquire from the local Islamic Authority in your place and the National Registration Department for their latest regulations.

For those who wants to marry a foreigner, the process is a little bit different and right now I am too lazy to write about it. Next time lah. Okay.

Enjoy your honeymoon.

*lupa - forget


M.I.S.S.Y said...

laa apa next time ni..what, u think am goin to marry "sum lelaki melayu malaysia yg sudah bkawin" there? ...

write more on to marry a foreigner..who knows it might be useful during my samui & pangan trip.. ;)

akula said...

Missy, letihnya nak write about how to marry a foreigner. Its so detailed.