Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I am pissed like hell.

Back in December last year I bought a new car from Naza KIA. Since it was at an offer price, I have to buy the insurance from the appointed company, which is a subsidiary of Naza itself. I thought everything is okay and taken care off. An open cover note for the car insurance was given to me by the insurance agent dated 18 December 2006. The company which covered my car is Kurnia. I tried to get discounts for my NCB (No Claim Benefit) from my old car but was promised that in two weeks they will sent a cheque for the difference.

5 months had passed.

Last week, I contacted my bank to enquire about the my car insurance policy and was told that they did not received any. I then called Kurnia and to my surprised my car registration number is not in their system.

I suspected something was wrong and asked about how the system works from a friend of mine who is also an insurance agent. He told me that the insurance agent (in this case the Naza KIA subsidiary) have to pay money to Kurnia first and only then Kurnia will sent in my policy. He also told me that since insurance agent will only earn 10% from the insurance they sell, what they will do is to book an insurance policy with Insurance Company and instead of immediately paying the company, they will hold the money with them and keep it with them first. This is a calculated act and the insurance agent hopes that the car buyer will forget about it since if the buyer claimed NCB, it means the insurance agent will get less. For example, my car insurance (first party) is about RM 2,000.00 plus. If I claimed NCB I just have to pay about RM 900.00. I dont remember exactly the percentage, but the bottom line I will pay less with the NCB and because of that the insurance agent will earn less too. 10% of RM 900.00 instead of 10% of 2,000.00. And usually they'll keep the money and will wait until the last moment of the stipulated expiry date before proceeding to pay Insurance Company what they owed.

Armed with this information, I called FS Trading in Ampang, the company which I bought my car from. I asked about my insurance policy and told them I contacted Kurnia, and my car registration is not in the system. I warned them if by Monday 28 my car is still not in Kurnia's system, I will make a police report and literally yelled at the lady, "I will f**k you in the ass". (Not that I like ass that much, its more a figure of speech, okay).

I didnt do anything until today. I called Kurnia HQ to lodge a complain. They passed me to a lady, Miss Rashidah in the policy department. I gave my car registration number and LO AND BEHOLD its in the system. I asked her when the policy was registered and she told me it was on Monday, May 28th! I then proceed to interview her. I asked her what the f**k is wrong with Naza KIA,its insurance subsidiary and Kurnia. She explained that since it was a promotion, the insurance agent only managed to send their cheques on Monday. I cut her off and told her how convenience it was for them (the insurance agent) to find time and pay the money for my car insurance first out of thousands of cars that was sold during the last 5 months periods. And the fact that it was paid right after I told FS Trading I will report this matter. I asked her on how long it will usually take to issue an insurance policy of a new car from the day its registered with JPJ. She told me it takes only about 2 weeks. I then sarcastically remarks, "Hmm..... then how come my car took 5 long months and the fact that if I didnt take the initiative, it still wont be in Kurnia's system". She just fumbled with her answers.

She offered to post my car insurance policy to my house and faxed the copy to me. I thanked her and told her that I will still report this matter to the police.

BTW, I received the fax copy of my car insurance policy in one hour's time. Oh well, thank you f**king much motherf**ker.

I will still go to the police station tomorrow.


Mr Hobo said...

why tomorrow ... lupa kah anda akan kata kata GCL .... never put off tomorrow what you can do today

Rodrigo said...

Oi, achei teu blog pelo google tá bem interessante gostei desse post. Quando der dá uma passada pelo meu blog, é sobre camisetas personalizadas, mostra passo a passo como criar uma camiseta personalizada bem maneira. Até mais.

Desparil said...

ouch! i wish you all the best..

Lil' Miss Easydent said...

woih! 5 bulan tu BAPAK lama. i would've mengamuk too. well, i had my fair share of a bad experience with a car insurance agency before too, but ur case is by far worse la...

akula said...

hobo dude: Nak cool down dulu, nanti ntah apa-apa tulih kat report tu

rodrigo: Huh? Come again?

Desparil : Yeap, Thanks man.,

LME: Hopefully my post help alerted would be buyers to thoroughly checked their car insurance policy and the insurance agent that they are dealing with.

dah pencen said...

Biasak lah tu.
I always supected that these agents delay payment. Kekadang sampai setahun pun tak dapat policy.
But when you gertak depa sikit, they will do it.

akula said...

dah pencen : vey hard to find somebody who do honest work nowadays *sigh*