Saturday, May 5, 2007


How do you feel if you were flipped? Sorry, Let me rephrase that.
How do you feel if you were flipped by a woman? Hmmm... Let me rephrase that again.
How do you feel if you were flipped by 2 tudung clad woman in a day?

Yeah, you read it right. The standard, middle finger salute, universal sign of saying "F**k you!" without saying it out loud.

Man, I didnt do anything wrong at all. Not this time anyway.


After lunch. At the parking lot in the mall. Its over crowded. Walking to my car, saw a Myvi with engine running. Dont give it much thought. Got in, and started the engine. Notice that its raining outside. Had to fetch the umbrella in the car boot. Got out of the car. Looked at the Myvi, the tudung clad woman looks furious. I thought, maybe she got pissed off waiting for her friend. Took the umbrella, got into the car again. Started reversing the car, have to wriggle my way out since the parking space is so small. Dont want to scratch the car parked beside me. Saw Myvi lady flashing her lights in my rearview mirror. What now? Ignoring her, I reversed my car. Once I am cleared, at that very moment, the Myvi burst to life, cranking up its engine and shot passed me into the empty lot. With screeching noise. What the ......? The tudung clad lady slammed her door, walk passed and flipped her middle finger. Whats that all about?. I was too amused to say anything back or reciprocate her gesture.


After office. Driving back to my place. The road is clear. Approached a junction and flicked the signal to go right. Out of the blue a white Kancil overtook me on the leftside, sped and cut in front of me, crossing over going to the left. Slammed the brake so hard, I felt the seatbelt strained to keep me in the seat. Turned my head, shouting my list of favourite obscene word and found my eyes staring at a middle finger salute by a baju kurung, mini tudung wearing girl. She flipped me.

What's happening here? Was today somehow, tudung clad ladies cooked up a conspiracy among them and decided "Okay girls, today we are going to flip Akula. So you girls watched him, trailed him, make him mad and then give him the middle finger salute". I AM NOT THAT FAMOUS, OKAY!

Enough is enough. I cant take this anymore. So on instinct I followed the Kancil. Saw it parked in front of the mosque. Switch on my amp, pop in an Iron Maiden CD, cranked up the volume. Stop by the baju kurung, mini tudung wearing girl (could see her getting panic), slide my window down and to the loud, unforgiving tune of Iron Maiden's Bring Me Your Daughter To The Slaughter yelled, "F**k you too, asshole!" and drove away.

In retrospect, allow me to say this, I am not generalising. Dont have anything against women who wear tudung. Really. I respect their choice in fulfilling their obligation as a Muslim.

To the 2 girls above, fine, you got my attention. I am all for `the anything you can do I can do better' attitude but please do not flip your middle finger to anyone else. You might think its cool and hip but really, its buruk man.

I plead temporary insanity to the incident in front of the mosque.


M.I.S.S.Y said...

setakat flip apala sangat i never did that a good gal..

akula said...

Sure I believe you, If u say so. :)