Sunday, May 27, 2007


A politician best buddy drop a bombshell en route to the party General Assembly that he quits. And he will bring all his supporters out with him. Looks like they wont be tennis buddies anymore.

An aid to the same politician made a statement saying that ROS rejected the appeal by the politician to contest in the party election as an attempt by the government to deter the politician to be a candidate for the party presidency and in the same breath also stated that an appeal has been made to the Home Ministry. Hmmm.... its a bit odd isn't it? Go figure. Isn't Home Ministry a government's body? So why bother appealing the decision?

The politician announced that he decided not to contest against his wife, then the second candidate announced he's not contesting too and the wife won without even sweating. Truly remarkable. WOMAN'S POWER, dude!

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