Friday, May 18, 2007


In my line of work, occasionally, I have to deal with the public. I enjoy the interaction and will do my best to accomodate them. What I cant stand is those people whom I categorized as the people with the `Malaysian Connections'.

These people will spit out names like water rushing from their mouth of their connection before anything else. Which of course, will be a high ranking officials or a politicians. Dato' this, Tan Sri that. "I know Tan Sri (name censored)". They said. "Yeah sure, but you know what, I also know him. In fact who didnt?" I shot back. I dont want to be rude, but sometimes, I had enough of that shit.

One guy even threathened me by saying he will asked his friend (a Dato' of course) to complain about me in the Parliament. Sheesh!. I dared him back. "Please asked your Dato' to expedite your complain. Get this right, my name is Akula, and my IC number is 123456-78-9101. Oh, and I think you do need my address". Needless to say, he backed off.

I appreciate the fact that Malaysians are very proud if they know somebody in high places. I can also understand them, if they brag about their connections. Its human nature to brag, and I am cool with that.

But using those connection to gain favour or to push your way through? Come on.

Do me a favour. Stand up with your own merits. Because in my book, those people with their `Malaysian Connections' attitude have very low self esteem and are truly lacking in self confidence.

I am just doing my job.


Mr Hobo said...

I know sarah marbeck!

akula said...

Hobo dude: sorry man, sounds familiar but...............

M.I.S.S.Y said...

which reminds me to "someone"....

recently, when i told him, "eh zara tu cantek kan" (the new Raja Puan Besar Perak)

"mmm dia kwn pada my friend kat nottingham dulu.."..i was like, wtf are u trying to say?

kesimpulannya, yes saya amat menyokong pendirian encik terhadap manusia-manusia seperti ini..

akula said...

Missy: Should shove their connections right up where the sun dont shine!