Saturday, May 26, 2007


Please don’t blame me if your husband’s, wife’s, boyfriends, girlfriends, gayfriends and other people you know pack their bags and head to Thailand after reading this post. I will not accept any responsibility if that happen. And no, I am not available to be your guide.

How to get married in Thailand?. While working there, and in one of my balik kampong trip, my parents neighbor asked me this question, “Why you think they don’t want to put a stop to those who go to Thailand and get married there?” I don’t know how to answer that kind of question but offered an explanation. Makcik, people will do anything for love, even merenangi lautan api, what more border fences” (Yeah I know, my reply was so cheesy, but that the only answer I could came up with).

Anyway, marriage services are offered by the Imam in most of the mosques over there. If it’s very difficult for you to find one, go to the one of the Muslim restaurant in Hadyai, and they will be more than willing to show you the way. Bring your passport with you. Witnesses? Don’t worry, they will be provided. Language barrier? No problem, some of them can speak Malay which is similar to Kelantanese accent.

From syara’ point of view, what you are doing is legal in Islam. I wont discuss much about this but that’s the basic thing. Mosques in Thailand fall under purview of a Provincial Islamic Authority, so the marriage cert and the marriage itself is legal and binding.

What do you do after that?

Go to Perlis. Register your marriage there. Why Perlis? The Islamic Family Law is quite lenient there compared to other states. There will be a fine imposed because you get married outside your Mukim. I maybe wrong but I think its about RM 1,000.00. Be advised, this is a very important step. You have to register your marriage in Malaysia. Otherwise all legal implication for matters like when you have children and pembahagian harta (to name a few) will be an issue afterwards. But once you register, your marriage will be recognized in Malaysia.

You will then live happily ever after………..or not.

To be continued….

* Balik Kampung - going back home
* Makcik - Auntie (Malaysians address people older than they are in respectful way, like mak cik - auntie, pak cik - uncle even if they dont have any blood relations)
* merenangi lautan api - to swim in a sea of fire (methapor)
* pembahagian harta - division of property


ringo said...

Dude, my younger brother got married twice in Thailand. His second and third marriage. And yes, your signatures were there as the 'saksi'.

Signed... Akula.

akula said...

ringo : Hahaha, dude, you are so funny.

Ray Si Tukang Besi said...

Yay ! Long live Kelantanese dialect !
The international language for nikah kawin .. eheh

( please .. dont bomb me for that remark .. hu hu )

akula said...

Ray STB: Man, you're right. How come didnt think of that before..Thanks for visiting, Datanglah lagi yek.

ringo said...

The part he got married twice in Thailand was correct. The part you were the saksi was not. But I did see capital A on the saksi's name... Who can it be? You mentioned earlier you were in Thailand...??

akula said...

ringo: Dude, No idea. Mayb Akon or Abdullah, or Anwar, or Annuar, or Afdlin. Your guess is as good as mine.

M.I.S.S.Y said...

wah..i really love your post la bang..the fact that im goin to hatyai, bole pakai kot u nyer guidelines ni...

mmm anything else lagi yg i perlu i bawa ;)

akula said...

Missy: Bring me la, itu pun nak kena bagitau ke...aparah!

M.I.S.S.Y said...

my bad...!! sediakan sepasang baju melayu, songkok sekali oke?

akula said...

Miss: eleh... ada brani?