Thursday, May 24, 2007


Today completes a full 8 months since I moved back to Malaysia. I was abroad for 11 years since 1995.

When I first left Malaysia, the International Airport is still in Subang. I was pleasantly surprised (and confused) when I got back to this huge, majestic airport in KLIA. Of coursela I knew we have a new International Airport but to experience it myself for the first time is a different feeling all together.

Roti canai, nasi lemak and Nescafe tarik is the first thing I looked for when I arrived in my sister’s house. She was annoyed when I asked her husband to drive me to the nearest group of stalls instead of having breakfast with my family. “Oi, having breakfast outside is more important than your sister’s cooking, ha?" I replied. “Sorry sis, I just have to eat outside,…………. but I love you”. And off we went leaving her fuming mad.

I missed a lot of things that happened while I was away. Apart from family’s gathering and kenduri’s, I missed the heavy drama of Malaysian politics, KL’s crazy traffic jam and a whole lot of other things that I took for granted before.

I opened the car door on the left side, my father yelled “Woit, hang nak mampuih ka?” when I drove my car on the wrong side of the road, my mother let me have an earful when I said “Shit!” cursing the neighbors’ cat who did the digging thing in our front yard. Next, I got lost for 2 hours while searching for my office in the new township the day I reported for duty. (In my defence, it was in a totally different city when I left Malaysia back in 1995). The most bizarre thing was that I ended up in Kampung Pandan instead, when I thought I was aiming for Subang Jaya. (Don’t ask me how it happened).

Trust me, there has been a lot of changes in Malaysia.

And I still have a lot to catch up.

*Roti canai, nasi lemak and nescafe tarik - Just google it lah.
" Woit, hang nak mampuih ka?" - Do you want to die?


Mr Hobo said...

i feel you dude ... i feel you! aku yang balik every 3 months pun manjang sesat.

Mr Incognito said...

has it been 8 months? tak jumpa2 lagi.

M.I.S.S.Y said...

a'ah kan .. masih tak jumpak2 lagi..bila nak jumpa ntah..(hihihi)...

still lost lagi? i can be your guide if u want... ;)

akula said...

Hobo dude : See u in 3 months time.

Mr. Incognito : Let's meet over teh tarik session.

Missy : Yes I'm still lost. Really, really lost.;)