Sunday, May 20, 2007


It was reported today in BERNAMA, the Minister Of Sports and Youth will be entered as the first Malaysian Cabinet Minister and the first female Minister in the Malaysia Book of Records to visit Everest's base camp.

Well, lets start the ball rolling. Tun Mahathir as the first PM of Malaysia who set foot in Antartica, or we can go further than that, Tun Abdul Razak as the first PM of Malaysia to visit the Great Wall of China. Oooops, I forgot to mentioned that Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah as the first Malaysian PM's wife to visit Antartica. It will be a long list.

Which prompt me to google Malaysia Book of Records. Other entries worth (or not!) mentioning are The Highest Can Stacking Events, The Biggest Teh Tarik Event, First Visa Platinum Card (wtf!) and First LRT Treasure Hunt (wtf2!).

Hey, can I submit my grandmother's gobek sirih? It can be billed as the most abuse gobek sirih ever.

Come to think of it, I am sure there's lot of would be contenders in this particular category.

* gobek sirih- a cylindrical instrument used to grind betel leaves


rudi bengang said...

Akula, I think u should include atap parliament house yang dah tereh tu in ur record too. Ask Azalina to drop herself on the rooftop of the parliament house, buleh jugak masuk Malaysia Book of Record. Hish..... quality of malaysian Ministers.... otak taruk lutut..

Mr Hobo said...

hey ... how about our quest to be the first to travel in armani attire, flying first class, staying in presidential suite 5 star hotels, dining in 4 michelin restaurants and visiting all disneylands ..... all within 2 weeks!!!!

you're still up jadi my tukang angkat my LV trunk?

akula said...

rudi: bengangnya hang ni.

Hobo dude: Of course as long as I can travel first class, besides Those gym sessions will finally pay off. :)

Lil' Miss Easydent said...

so much for malaysia boleh... for some reason, we're sooo boleh in sooo many petty things. does that mean we're like budak pendek yg terlompat2 nak measure up to other tall people by using ridiculous means. sedih kan?

akula said...

LME : What a good perbandingan. So funny and yet so right.