Saturday, May 12, 2007


So, there I was. Nervously looked around me. Damm it,Where is he?. Earlier I received a phone call to inform me that he got what I want, as usual, and asked me to meet at the secret meeting place.

"This is not like him at all". He's late. I was getting really uneasy. I searched my thoughts and tried to remember the last meeting. Everything went smoothly. I checked my tails to see if there’s anyone following me. He did the same thing too before the meeting and reported everything is clear. No, nothing wrong last week, I assure myself.

Where the hell is he? 15 minutes has passed. Still no sign of him. Yesterday it was reported in the newspaper that the authority had raid 2 hideouts and successfully confiscated a huge amount of this thing that I desperately need. I wonder if that’s the reason why he doesn’t show up….. yet. Maybe he got his supply from these places and now he has none to sell to me. Worse still, maybe he’s been caught. If that happened, can he keep his mouth shut? I heard a lot of stories how the authority can make you reveal information. They used all sorts of torture treatment to get what they want. If he talked, then I am in deep shit.

I need to have this once a week. I am hooked on it. I guess that makes me an addict. I know its illegal but my craving need is so huge that I am willing to defy the law and the authority to satisfy myself. I’ll be restless and out of my mind if I don’t get it.

Suddenly I saw him. He was walking slowly and cautiously. Act normal, just act normal. Blend in. I willed him. I flashed my car lights twice. He pulled out a cigarette and light it. I watched him carefully. If he throws away his cigarette immediately after lighting it, it means somebody is following him and we should abandon our meeting. I saw him finished his cigarettes. I started my car, drove slowly and stop by him. Opened my window. Do you have it? Without saying anything he throws it into my front seat. I hand over the money and acting normally as we could, trying not to look suspicious, we parted ways.

I arrived safely in my house without any incident. I started to relax. I let my living room stay dark. I waited too long for this. Switch on my TV, took it out from the plastic cover and slide it into my DVD player.

“Thank God nothing happened.” I said to myself as I watched the television came to life with the illegal DVD of SPIDERMAN 3. I breathed out a huge sigh of relief, smiled and said to myself “Finally….”.


Freak & Geek said...

what a traumatic experience. juz for a bloody dvd. *sigh*


akula said...

F&G : I was afraid of Lucky and Flo(the enforcement dogs.)

Desparil said...

go to petaling street la.. spiderman 3 being sold openly..

akula said...

desparil:I know, just that I will avoid going to KL unless I am forced to. Besides, he's my friendly neighbourhood VCD peddler. :)

M.I.S.S.Y said...

pastu kasi i pinjam eh..make sure tak nampak kepala orang dlm dvd tu..

akula said...

missy: tak de hal punya, janji bayar rental.

pam said...

ala, picyure quality teruk kan? i bought 10 of these in Beijing last month and only 5 watch-able...some were in German and some Russian!

akula said...

Pam: yep, gila teruk, but watchable la. Balik modal jer.