Saturday, May 5, 2007



“Hello Akula, WOI! AKULA!, Its me, Rudi. Are you awake?” Looked at my watch , 3.23 am. Answered the phone: “Huarghhhh….. who’s this?” Feeling groggy, try to keep myself awake. (Rudi is a good friend in London) Hmm okay. Fearing the worse. “What’s the matter man?” I asked him. “Nothing, I just got myself Dina Zaman’s I Am Muslim. Do you know your name is mentioned in her book?” Still trying to make sense of it all, I said “Yeah? Uh okay”. He continued “Okay, just to let you know. Now go back to sleep”. Umm. What? “Is that it, man? Your family’s ok over there?”. Rudi said “Yeap, Sure they are. That’s it.” Click.

Cant sleep after that. And its not because I am excited my name is in Dina Zaman’s book. I am of the species who cannot go back to sleep right away, after being brutally awaken in the middle of the night. Pulling myself together, sum up the conversation. Rudi called me in the dead of night, all the way from London, to inform me that my name was typed somewhere in Dina Zaman’s I Am Muslim. And there’s nothing wrong with his family. I sighed. What a friend. Love him to death.


Wari. Another good friend of mine.

Wari: “Hello beb”.
Akula: “What’s up?”.
Wari: “In case you don’t know it already, your name is in I Am Muslim’s by Dina Zaman.
Akula: “Yeah, another friend of mine informed me last night. Called from London”.
Wari: “How the hell he got it over there.”
Akula : “Good question, I really don’t know. Its about when he called me. Half awake at that time. Forgot to ask him”.
Wari: “ Listen. Do you have a copy of the book?”
Akula: “ No, not yet.”
Wari: “Okay, you can borrow mine if you want.”
Akula : “Its cool man, I asked another friend to buy it for me.”
Wari : “Ok beb. Bye”.
Akula : “Uh ok”.


At the office. Saw Adi, strutting, holding something in his hand. “Akula, you owe me RM 30.00” and hand over Dina Zaman’s elusive book. “FYI, You made me do this. My wife keep teasing me and cant believe her husband's buying a book!. You owe me big time, bro”

Finding out my name mentioned in a book obviously is a big thing to my friends.

I am deeply touched and truly blessed.

BTW, its on page 8.


13may said... best:)

akula said...

13may. timakasih. Read your blog. Nice one beb.

M.I.S.S.Y said...

email me that particular page...will ya?

akula said...

meh la emel kalau nak.

Anonymous said...


akula said...

anonymous : Huh?

Dina Zaman said...

alo alo alo. are you in canada or kl?

i credited a lot of people hehehe. now people think im with pkr :)

akula said...

Haha, That includes me.

Anonymous said...

He he ..... one day I will get you for this.

Kamula.... si Rudi.

akula said...

Rudi man. Hahah. I know you will.

Hows the family dude?

wari said...

macamana my name jadi wari ni?

M.I.S.S.Y said...



akula said...

Wari: Its a cool name for a cool person like you. :)

Lina said...

Hie i was reading your post and i thought you might be intereested. There will be a talk at 95% in bangsar by Dina Zaman titles "About writing in Malaysia." which will be on this Monday the 14th of May 07 from 8pm to 10pm. If you are interested you can call Hex at 22876095/7095 or email at Just thought you might be interested.

akula said...

lina: Thanks for the info.