Tuesday, May 22, 2007


How do I rate a succesful TV ad? Simple, an ad that have a catchy product name, that I hate so much and the one that can relate to my life.

I hate Bank Rakyat's tv ad. For a start, whenever I watch it, I feel like watching a propaganda programme, trying to brainwash me with the muhibbah feeling. All major Malaysian races are well represented, customers have no complains and the counter is manned by a well mannered man. He ducks under the counter and change his clothes at will according to the customer's race. At end of the ad, everyone is satisfied and will say good things about the bank. The current ad actually is a continuity of the previous version which ends with the lady with the scarves approached the counter, but this time she brings her government servant brother to apply for a loan. And say good things about the bank, again. Cheesy.

Mat Licin reminds me of the time when I was in boarding school. Maggie Mee is the staple food of the day. We were a bunch of hungry boys and between strictly scheduled meal times, turned to instant noodles to satisfy our ever growling appetite. Since we were barred from using pot and pans, we resorted to using those heating coil to boil water in a plastic container. Incidents like melted plastic container with red hot steel coil were common, but thats another story. Anyway back to Maggie Mee. Of course, after watching that ad, I did realized I am special too and hope to be formally endorsed and recognised by Maggie for being one of the Mat Licin, way back when eating Maggie was not cool.

On top of my list, the most succesful TV ad is the baby diapers product called PetPet. When you say PetPet out loud, it sounds just like one of many subtitute words we use to name woman's private part.

If that is not one hell of a good advertisement, I dont know what is.

*muhibbah - goodwill/ friendly feeling
Mat Licin - one who finish off everything when eating


Mr Hobo said...

this also reminds me of that big fella one year our senior from the house across the field from mine. Hang rasa mat Licin was named after him dak?

lil ms d said...

lol - oi gi kerja! i tell your boss padan muka!

Mr Hobo said...

lil ms D (tumpang lalu): u're talking to sapa ni?

akula said...

LMD : Haah la, dgn sapa u cakap ni?