Thursday, May 10, 2007


I read about what happen to the astronaut’s feces that they disposed of during space missions. Apparently they brought it back to earth to be unloaded. Imagine what will happen if an ignorant NASA scientist mistakenly identify it to be some sort of moon soil to be studied.

Nasa Scientist : Never seen this one before. (Excitedly!)
Astronaut : Feel it. It’s soft but a little sticky.
Nasa Scientist : Yeah man, you’re right. (Poking his hand into the pile). I’ll be famous if I could break it down and identify the chemical composition of this moon soil.
Astronaut : That’s my shit you stupid!

What about the urine? Well, they released it in space. Good thing there are not many space missions nowadays like it were before. One thing that I am not sure of is whether urine dissolves in space. Otherwise, it will be flooded with urine drops up there.

I also found out that oral sex is bad for you. Something to do with HPV virus contracted during oral sex can cause throat cancer. (HPV- Sorry, I am too lazy to Google it)

*Sigh*. What else are left for us to do? I couldn't help but think, what’s the fun of having sex nowadays? With new finding like this, a day will come when we will resort to satisfy our sexual needs by wanking and using vibrators.

Source: BBC News Online


M.I.S.S.Y said...

yeah the HPV i read that... ahh i think by now i sud(especially) avoid doin that (opps) ...the chances to get cancer is too high (suma dari my lineage la ni) .. arhhhhhgg tension tau. (hehehe)

havva good weekend bang..

Lee Novotny said...

Kann??throat cancer katanya!!! Kossser taww!! Tu la pasal kalau nak cikloi, kena jejaga lah jugak hopefully lemang yang dicikloi ittew bersih! hehehehhehehe

akula said...

lee and missy: Tu la pasal orang kata kena sunat. :)

lil ms d said...


akula said...

lil ms d: ;)