Thursday, August 9, 2007


Last 2 weeks, I contacted my one of my x's who works in Bank Rakyat.

No lah, nothing about rekindling that old flame thing. 2 colleagues of mine wanted to apply for personal loans and I was merely trying to help them.

So I asked Miss X if she can help them. "No problem, I 'll fax everything to you and ask your friends to fill in the forms, attached all the required documents and fax it back to me". I replied "Okay, will do".

I handed over them application form to them and asked them to do what was required and thought nothing about it afterwards.

Until today. Miss X called me.

Miss X :"Akula, I have deposited RM 100.00 in your account today"
Akula : " Huh? What for?

My mind was scrambling trying to figure it out. Why she did that? I silently thought.

Akula: "Did you owe me money when we dated?"
Miss X: "Yeah right. No lah, its your introducer fee for recommending my Bank to your colleagues. RM 50.00 per person. Your friends loan was approved".
Akula: "Whew! Seriously?"
Miss X : "Yes"
Akula : "Thats cool. Thanks dear, bye"
Miss X : "Bye"

Its a pleasant surprise. Earned RM 100.00 by doing nothing. My 2 colleagues also informed me that their loans were approved a day after they sent in the application. And the best thing was, they don't have to go to the Bank to sign the agreement. Instead, the Bank representative's came to the office to seal the deal. Now, that's what I call excellent services.

7 minutes after that I smsed her : "Could you please send the application forms again. I don't have any copies with me". To which she replied :"Don't quit your day job, okay".

She read my mind.

P/s : BTW, I can be contacted at if you guys ever need a personal loan. Hehehe.


Anonymous said...

selagi uang itu diperolehi mengikut lunas-lunas syarie sebagai orang Islam, maka boleh lah seseorang Islam itu menerima uang yang sepertinya jatuh ke riba itu....

Anonymous said...

There is nothing unislamic for an introducer's fee. Getting people to introduce is a hard work actually. Akula will work harder and as long as the loan is approved according to the rules and regulation of the bank, it seems okay to me. There is no hanky-panky here.

missy is K.U said...

(psst brader, berapa bayar this anonymous..hahha, kiddin bro..!!)

ni confirm approve kan kalau go tru u..and if i rekomen my friend to you, how much do i get?

cheers bro..!

Da Winged Acrophobic said...

missy negotiating for introducer's introducer fee..... aku pun nak!

Desparil said...

waaah... duit terpijak tu..

Anonymous said...

Duit tanpa usaha tu haram....

UglyButAdorable said...

ehh..i thot u dun allow anonymous comments ehh???

aper pun cable mesti bagus kan bro?? see even with x's oso can..let bygones be bygones...

trueblue said...

Untung jugak you still baik with your ex :)

akula said...

Anonymous 1 and 2: Thanks for the observation from the Islamic point of view.

Missy : Hey, its only RM 100 lah. Mana ada duit nak bayar bayar upah mengomen.

About your introducer's fee, boleh negotiate, tak de hal.

DWA: Woit, abih aku nak untung apa lagi ni?

Anonymous 3: Thanks.

UBA : Dah malas. I think my x's is the most helpful friend which I can count on, because they know me inside out. I will do the same thing for them.

Trueblue: Nak benci pun nak buat apa. Itukan sudah suratan. Its about letting go and getting on with our lifekan.