Saturday, August 11, 2007


Last Friday, 3 children and their parents perished in a predawn fire in Kluang, Johor.

Its a tragedy every single time things like this happened. Who is to be blamed? The father who had to delay his monthly electricity bill payment so that he can give the money to his other University studying daughters? Tenaga Nasional Berhad who promptly cut the electricity supply to the house because it was not paid on time? The 3 children who ran back into the burning house to help their parents?
On the same note today, The New Straits Times reported that;

The Prime Minister has directed ministries and agencies to submit a quarterly report on the government’s efforts to wipe out poverty.

The prime minister issued the directive at the last cabinet meeting, citing the need to determine the progress of the various poverty eradication programmes.

"We want to know whether we are on track in our efforts to improve the livelihood of the hardcore poor,"

I wonder how much is their electricity bill? Take my monthly bill for comparison. It averages about RM 80.00 per month. And that includes an air condition unit. I am sure the family's bill will be much lower than that and still he cant afford to pay.

I couldn't help but think about the hardcore poor. Could the family above be categorised as hardcore poor? My logical answer is yes. How much is a monthly income of a factory worker? RM 600.00, RM 700.00? With this minuscule earnings he has to support 7 children, which 4 of them are studying in the university. Tell me how can it be enough?

We Malaysians tend to imagine that hardcore poors are those single elderly persons who live in a rundown hut somewhere in the ulu whatever. Its not only them.

I am not exactly sure what kind of method and studies use by the Government to categorise and to determine living standard of a family.

But I don't need sophisticated statistical calculation to conclude that the poverty eradication programme failed miserably.

I just took a long hard look at this very unfortunate family.

Photos from NST and The Star Online


Anonymous said...

Islam bergantung kuat kepada ummahnya, bukan sistem politiknya, birokrasi atau ketua-ketuanya. Ketua Islam satu dan telah pergi dengan meninggalkan dua perkara sebagai tauladan - Quran dan sunnah.

Dimanakah peranan masyarakat Islam yang kukuh yang hidup sesama keluarga tersebut semasa semua ini berlaku? The supposedly first line of defense?

Dalam hal yang lain, makan beriyani kat mogadishu on the East side lagi sedap, asal tak terkena gang-style slaying!

Anonymous said...

Have you notice that the PM likes to issue directive. And of course the directives either not being followed through or just to feed readers that he is doing his job. Everybody can issue directives Mr. PM. Why can't you issue a directive for a minimum wage to erradicate poverty for a start. What we have here is a monkey PM and clownss cabinet. Nothing more. They are to be blamed if incident like this happens again.

azwanhadzree said...

almost everything is showing up now - FAILURE. Kempen anti dadah. Kempen Rasuah (this 2 is a big joke). Kempen 'tak nak' is another joke. If the government can't convert smokers to non smokers why bother to tell the public about it.

Program rakyat termiskin. Rumah murah - another joke. macam mana orang yang gajinya RM3000 boleh dapat beli rumah murah and sewakan ke orang miskin? Why is no one checking when there are peopl complaining


oh btw, anonymous up there. If you want to say something, have some balls to sign in :)

Anonymous said...

i got balls and my nick is anonymous la... idiot!


Cosmic_GurL said...

All of you are missing the point. Instead of kutuk-ing our PM why dont u think about how to help those poor kids. They've just lost their parents for heaven sakes! Sheesh!

p/s : Akula, Im neither a huge supporter of PM nor do I support the opposition party. FYI :)

UglyButAdorable said...

sad..really sad...

semoga anak2 itu dilindungi Allah s.w.t sentiasa... and that this will make them stronger..

joezul said...

Well, I don't want to be seen to be kutuk-ing paklah, but he's definitely the weak-est pm we ever had. If Che Det controls his ministers with an iron fist, now it seems his ministers the one that controls the PM.
Sad, but it's the truth.

And speaking of the unfortunate's qadak and qadar tht we cannot fight. But TNB surely must take on the biggest blame. I recently forgot to pay 2 months bill, a paltry RM120, and I'd received a strongly worded warning letter a few days after the bill came in. Now, I've been paying on time for ages, so being 2 months
behind, and got treated this shabbily by tnb, I wonder what the poor family must have gone thru.
And to read that some big business own TNB millions of monies, and to see them still operating, using up megaWatts of electricity without TNB doing anything... well, it's just so sad.
I can only offer Al-fatihah to the whole unfortunate family.

Adek said...

Inalillah... insyaAllah those who perished in the fire have died as martyrs (mati syahid). But how sad that this incident happened when we are about to celebrate our 50th year of independence. That after 50 years, we still have people being denied the basic amenities because they cannot afford to. I'd like to know how zakat money has been distributed (while I pay my zakat to PPZ, surely each state has its own Zakat agency?) to the poor. Obviously, it has not been distributed efficiently enough.

Desparil said...

before pak lah goes on his great crusade, he should check what is the yardstick to measure hardcore poverty. RM 264.50. is that really enough in this day and age?

akula said...

anonymous 1: Lamanya tak pergi mogadishu. Still ada gang style slaying ke?

anonymous 2: Life is cheap for them. 5 life's were lost over a small amount of electricity bill.

Azwan: Peh ni kempen hapa la pulak.

Anonymous : I hear yer. :)

akula said...

CG: Hey, so am I. We are so much alike.

UBA: Yeah. The thing that I am stil piss of about this tragedy is, it can be avoided.

joezul: Yes, Alfatihah.

Adek: You made a good point. I too would like to know how, where and who benefitted from the zakat distribution. Anyone have any ideas?

Desparil : you are right. Thats what I meant, Those families yang ramai, tapi mak bapak gaji kecik bukan tergolong dalam kategori poor ke? RM 264.50 is as stupid as the one who formulated this yardstick. Cuba bagi orang yang buat benda ni RM 264.50 and see how terkangkang their life will be. Otak taruk lutut.

Anonymous said...

i did my phd in france. bila mula mula sampai sana, orang tanya "you dari mana?" bila dia orang dengar "saya dari malaysia". they went "oooooo....!! rich country!". and when i tanya kenapa you said that? they said "hey, you guys have oil! we french, don't!".
and all the time i was a student at their university, i did not pay one cent for going to the hospital, i paid only 500 euros (kiralah berapa ringgit) for my university fees etc...because i am foreigner. and this is for a PhD by research??!!! pernah dengar yuran university kat malaysia bayar 500 euros untuk phd, or even BSc? boleh mimpilah.
so why do the french believe we are rich? where do the money go?