Thursday, August 2, 2007


These past few days, I have been receiving emails asking me which political party in Malaysia I am affiliated with.

Hmmm. Oklah, let me make this public.


Some thought I support the Opposition. Sorry to disappoint you guys. The Opposition front couldnt get their act together since Independence. They are in disarray, accusing their so called partners this and that and all kind of shit. How do you expect them to run a country if they cant even put their alliance in order? Past performances? Well, its ups and downs. And the `Ustaz Ashaari' thing for me is definately a turn off (if you get what I mean). BTW, I did once ask an opposition die hard supporter who was yelling enthusiastically. Whats the reformasi is all about? Erm, mmm is all he could come up with. If he cannot explain to me about the basis of his party's struggles for an outsider like me, then what? I dont want to yell reformasi at the top of my lungs aimlessly and risk my ass just because its the cool thing to do. Nope, not for me.

What about the ruling coalition? Tempting, yes. But again, the `Ustaz Ashaari' syndrome. Almost cult like. A leader can do no wrong seems to be everybody's favourite principle they hold dear to their heart. Harking back on history also seems to be on everyone's lips of broken record recycled theme whenever its speech time. Threats, intimidation, legalize bribery (the most recent one in Ijok) are the accepted norms of campaigning. Ruling the country for the past 50 years made them feel invincible and the term absolute power corrupts absolutely bear no meaning at all.

So what choice do I have left? Like I mentioned before.



The Winged Acrophobic said...

Aye! Politics in Malaysia is still a joke. Only the politicians take themselves seriously. OK, maybe some sad individuals,too, like that reformasi shouter. There are too few sincere pro-bono politicians. Most are in it for fame, power and $.

UglyButAdorable said...

i agree with WA...there are some sincere ones..but like besar kuman only la the figures..

i must say dulu maser muda muda terjerit jerit reformasi gak..hehh..hehh.. not proud of it but at least i know what it's like inside out...

MK said...

yeop ... meke tu registered voter ka yeop?

akula said...

WA: Good observation.

UBA: Reformer rupanya UBA ni.

MK : Of course ler, kat Ampang sejak 1993. Mesti ler register. Hang kalau belum register segeralah berbuat demkian.

Cosmic_GurL said...

I support Party Tupperware. Good product and it's cheap. Can always rely on my sisters from Party Tupperware :P

merapuman said...

I am a Liverpool supporter. yeah .. go bernitez. eh .. u were talking about footbal kan?

akula said...

CG: Ada lagi ke party tupperware ni?

Merapuman: Hahaha, No man, we are talking about rugby ler.