Saturday, August 4, 2007


This is my one hundreth post.


As I mentioned in my first ever posting in this blog, this is my 26th attempt. I am happy I managed to stick to this one and wrote regularly.

Yeah I know la, some of the posts were cheesy, but hey, I am not a trained writer. (Cheesy or not, those posts are counted too :)

Of course, like everybody else, I am doing this part time but blogging made me more aware about things that happened around me, as a result, I listened more to conversations and paid close attention to news articles.

Readers have increased tremendously since the first post and hopefully it will soon hit the 5,000 mark. Back then I felt unsure whether people will actually read what I posted. Thanks to you guys for coming back again and again. A special thank you to Mr. Hobo and Mr. Incognito for being the first 2 to visit this blog.

Okay, since I will not receive any Pulitzer for this one hundredth post, I am off to my favourite teh tarik joint to have my nasi lemak (with rendang ayam) and nescafe tarik to celebrate.

And I am not inviting.


The Winged Acrophobic said...

Alamak, pi teh tarek & nasi lemak tak ajak....

Cosmic_GurL said...

Eleh, tak nak ikut pon :P

Happy 100th post, Bro! May thre be hundreds more to come

joezul said...

Tahniah bro,

Hey, it's the cheesiness that pull the fan in...:)

May there be many many hundred more !

east43street said...

Celebrating the hundredth? He he ... Getting old hah..

Wish hundreds more bro. Never miss your blog while on the net.

drama mama said...

Hi.. came here via here. Been reading but not commenting. Just thot wot better time kan.. 100th post and all. :)

BTW, I find that 'cheesiness' works. ;) Nice reading here!

Mr Hobo said...

WA ... biasa lah mamat ni kemut tak nak steng the nasik lemak ngan kita! patut rochet ja orang camni (tu dia ... the secret lingo dah keluaq) walau apa pun .. bak mai Lados setabang.

The Winged Acrophobic said...

hobo... tak lala rochet member nih

merapuman said...

u started later but already 100, i got a lot of catching up to do ... but if u compare with my weirdness, then u r too far behind .. wakaakakakak...akakaka.a..

Red Raven said...

congrats...i started blogging almost 2 years ago but i have yet to hit 100th...well done...and your blog rulez...

akula said...

WA: Nak ajak tapi jauh.

CG: Tu sebab kita tak ajak.

JZ: Thanks bro. Appreciate it. I am a fan of your blog.

E43St: Thanks man. Never too old too blog. Hahaha. So when I can read yours?

Hobo dude and WA: Ala, aku no pakai RM je mana ada duit. Lainlah hang pakai BD.

Azwan: Cant argue with that.

Raven : I dig yours too. May we blog until we drop.:)

akula said...

Drama MAMA : Thanks for reading. I am glad you find this blog worth your while.

UglyButAdorable said...

bravo....100th post...that was fast ehh..keep it up..keep comin' with sharp and cheesy entries...hehhh..hehhh