Tuesday, July 10, 2007


My best friend and colleague will be moving to Ottawa for her next assignment.

We argued, fought, teased, joked and laughed together all the time. Never mind she's a lady. She will stand her ground if she thinks she's right. She's cool.

I will miss her.

Thats for sure.


Cosmic_GurL said...

Assignment in Ottawa huh? What's in Ottawa?

*katak bawah tempurung* :P

The Winged Acrophobic said...

Some lady, for you to miss her...

rudi said...

Boleh tumpang sekaki tak? Just to say bon voyage to her. Bon chance... Hope your new partner would be as fun as her.

akula said...

CG: Kat ottawa ada rumah, ada kedai, ada rumput, nasi kandar tak de.

WA: She is. No doubt about that.

Rudi : Hopeyou will be the next one. Hahaha.

mamalicious said...

Ottawa di Malaysia oso got lah! Ottawa=Ayaq Tawaq!

Gonna Mish Her Oso!

akula said...

mamalicious : Thanks for the sentiments.