Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Wan Zaleha Radzi, Zalina Azman, Normala Samsuddin are among those beauties who once brightened up TV3 news over the years. No doubt they made TV news a joy to watch.

Now, however there is this person whom I am big fan of. Hands waving while delivering reports with passion and professionalism, made me think that this is how news report should be delivered. Viewers are hook, absorbing those words in trance like state.

TV3 news is not the same if he's not in it.

Forget all the beauties, now there's only KARAM SINGH WALIA.


UglyButAdorable said...

u know FAM maybe need someone like like without wan zaleha or normala...tv3 merudum..somehow their hr are doing sumthing right..

boy u dunn want to mess with karam singh walia yo..

Cosmic_GurL said...

Oh yeah! I'm sure this guy gets a lot of death threats from companies that pollute our country but he's one tough bruder!

Tabik spring sama KSW!

mamalicious said...

aiyoo..diz guy haa..kalo kasik hantar sama NONA atau MAJALAH TIGA.. musti rating tinggi!

p/s: celebrities in tv boleh kawen datuk-datuk...heheheh..

missy is K.U said...

"..ibarat melempar batu sembunyi tangan...karam singh walia melaporkan utk TV3.."*tangan ke dpn ke bwh*

hes good..! mmg selalu tunggu everytime dia melapor from tmpat kejadian.

sumtimes pepatah yg dia guna, i tak penah terbaca pun.

but, some credits kena kasi kat crew, coz they all yg tolong KSW in preparing the reports (bak kata my sis la..)

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

karam singh's reporting lacks depth and full of sensationalism. i merely switch to other channels whenever the so-called environmentalist appears on news.

The Winged Acrophobic said...

I love the other bhai, Harjit Singh Hullon. Bohot acha hai!!

akula said...

UBA: memang pun, never mess wit him.

CG: tokeh babi pun bengkek je.

Mamalicious : Yang si karam ni takkan ler nak kawin dengan datok.

Missy: Aku pun tak pernah dengor gak. But I think its cool. Bukan melayu lak nak mempopularkan bidalan and peribahasa.

Babe: Den tak kiro, nak minat gak kek si Karam nu.

WA: Oit, kat NY ke kat Mumbai ni?

Anonymous said...

Wow! That SCOLA screenshot I grabbed in 1994 and uploaded to Wikipedia in 2006 really got around! :)

Thanks to SCOLA (USA-based non-profit TV network), I got a crush on WZR back in '92 *^.^*