Friday, July 27, 2007


Everybody loves to make money.

Yes, even the good ol' me. Of course you have by now notice all the ads I put up on this blog. My sole purpose? What else, money. Yeah, yeah I know, money is the root of all evil but who cares? I want to have more. In fact a whole lot more.

That said, I am signing up payperpost as another ploy to earn more. I am posting this to get paid. I am still trying to understand what I should do, so if you ad expert out there feels like you want to correct me, please do so. I am willing and learning.

So what is payperpost?

The only thing I know so far, is that you write a review of something, as offered by someone or some businesses who pre determine how much your review is worth, get it approved and you will get paid or something like that. (Hey I am new at this.)

Unlike other advertisers, its all up to me, myself and I. If I want to make more, I have to blog more. Money is always an encouraging factor to motivate me . And from what I know so far, Pay Per Post pays more too.

Of course, if this venture is succesful like I hope it would be, I will finally have the means to satisfy my lust for Krell Evolution.

If its not, well, I still can piss people off with my postings.

p/s: CG, does this answer your comment:)


The Winged Acrophobic said...

Brother, I'd like to make more money,too. If only to join you at the hi-fi showroom to purchase a Krell!

Cosmic_GurL said...

Ah yes, now it's all clear to me :P

azwanhadzree said...

welcome postie, tapi kan ... you will get more opportunities if you u have you own domain blog

akula said...

WA: Please do, but I dont know when la or if this will be succesful. Hahah

CG : There you are.

Azwan : Boleh ke buat post pasal Wordpress plug in? Thanks for the tips , I am seriously thinking of having my own domain.

Anonymous said...

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