Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Much have been said about bloggers these past few days. Thats why I posted comments and statements from various newspaper and media.

However, the only fair comment about bloggers was reported by Malaysiakini. The mainstream media as expected, tend to generalize and demonize bloggers in their reports.

Bloggers blog not because they just feel like kicking someone's ass. In fact they write about their opinion on whatever they could think of, things that happened to them and because they feel they need to say something outside the comfort and security of familiar surroundings. It doesnt matter if they write about frustrations and happiness, Manchester United or All Blacks, cats and roosters. The most important thing is they record it all and let the world knows about it.

It just so happen bloggers do write about politics as well. And what is wrong about that?

Politicians gives 'ceramah' all the time and tell their audiences about their party manifesto, bad mouthing the other side, do character assasination and God knows what. And that's all right?

The only thing different between bloggers and politician is, politician deny things he said if his statements came out wrong and blame it on the poor media for misquoting. Bloggers will have his writings cut and paste as prove in the comment columm if they said the wrong things. And I never heard a blogger blame their readers for misquoting.

The thing is if we cannot get a fair, just and balance comment from the mainstream media, where we would go to? Politicians? Yeah right.

I'll read the blogs.


UglyButAdorable said...

this is just sumthin' that they cannot get their hands on...

so seperti biaser...everybody's ass is on hot mistake and boom!! padan they know they must behave..bloody politicians..

The Winged Acrophobic said...

politicians nak jaga jubor so they can still earn easy money. the net is where some truth can come out and let these buggers know that the public knows about their misdemeanours.

Desparil said...

i'm still waiting for the media, oh heck just 1 particular newspaper, to own up that they made a mistake with regards to pak lah's meeting with dr m.

apa credibility?

mya said...

Yeah but how can we be sure when reading blogs that differ in opinions, that they are truly fair, just n balance as u said when at the back of our minds there's already a negative perception of the mainstream media's objectivity??

Cosmic_GurL said...

Blogs are for free expression not good impression, thts what I always say.

At the end of the day, if you dont like what the other bloggers are writing, jgnlah baca, abis cerita!

pugly said...

Hell, I'll keep on blogging about pussies if I want to! To hell with politicians & all their stupid rules!

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed above is solely of the author's & has got nothing to do with the owner of this blog whatsoever.

D.N.A.S said...

Why is it so wrong to be bold?

Cosmic_GurL said...

Eh, apesal your blog ni dah mcm advertisement board bro? hehehe...

de_merezo said...

bro biasak lah tu those in power always says there are absolutely right and everybody are wrong, but those in power might forget, if not for everybody, they may not be in POWER..

akula said...

UBA: Tulah sebabnya.

WA: Like UBA comment, this is something that they cant controlm but they will try anyway by hook or by crook.

Desparil: I guess you never will. That guy for sure have no balls to admit his mistake.

MYA: For me, Let I, myself be the judge of what is wrong and whats right. Not something that are shove in our throat everyday.

CG: Thats right.

Pugs: I dont need disclaimer from you if you blog about pussies. I am all eyes.:)

DNAS : Nothings wrong dear. But of course, as usual, in Malaysia, benda yang betul pun jadi tak betul.

CG : I dedicated one whole post to answer your comment! See PAY PER POST. Hahaha

de merezo: Wise words bro.

katakbesar said...

a fair and balance
is very hard to find (if not a myth)

the moment and the first instance
any writer chooses his/her topic
that's already a living and clear proof of BIASNESS
based on his/her choice, interests, reasons and whatever..

akula said...

katakbesar: No doubt about that.

But as I said, its our choice to go the way we want to instead of being force to choose.

If I am bias about something, its my choice, not theirs.