Saturday, July 21, 2007


This statement by DPM caused a fiery debate between Umno and MCA.

Me? I dont give a shit.

Sure I am a Muslim. But so are millions of Muslims worldwide who are not living in an Islamic State. Does that makes them lesser Muslims?

I understand the fact that such statements are formulated to gain political mileage with Malay voters, in view of the coming General Election. As usual la, to paint the heroic image of the ruling party as a Muslim causes champion.

However I was surprised by the ridiculous action by the Government after which, as reported in Malaysiakini, banned all mainstream media from publishing any issues relating to Malaysia being an Islamic State.

Quoating an article "The Islamic state may not interfere with the personal rights of non-Muslims, who have full freedom of conscience and belief and are at liberty to perform their religious rites and ceremonies in their own way. Not only may they propagate their religion, they are even entitled to criticize Islam within the limits laid down by law and decency."

And Malaysia an Islamic State?

Islamic State or not, doesn't effect my everyday life one bit. My paycheck stays the same, I still drive the same car, I work in the same place, etc.

Like I said, I dont give a shit.


Cosmic_GurL said...

When is the general election anyway? Lagi nak dekat election lagi weird statements yang keluar from our politician

Anonymous said...

"I dont give a shit." says you.

Welcome to the "Indifference Club" aka "Can't Be Bothered Club.
We have too many Malaysian sitting on the fence, and that's the reason Malaysia has gone to the dogs.

Anonymous said...

This is IT, where it's a "ONE PARTY RULE". It's real shitty the way things look right now and memories of 1969 are beginning to surface!

Anonymous said...

You better pay attention to it.
In a real Islamic state you get your hands chopped off for stealing and stoned to death for adultery. And if you are a woman you need 4 good witnesses to get justice if you are raped.

Anonymous said...

While you are happy with what you have now you may not be if this country is turned into an Islamic state. Most countries that turned into Islamic states have failed or about to fail, I am surprised you don't notice that. Have you not read about the Club of Doom? You might lose your job and even your life. It's just incredible some jokers use Islamic state propaganda to lure votes.

ron said...

Politicians cannot be taken seriously as they always have their own agenda. This Islamic State thing has crop up every now and then and eventhough it may be a waste of time to debate over the issue, it is worthwhile to debate about it. It will definitely make the person an ignoramus if he is proven wrong.
Take e.g. the conflicting figures from both the Home Affair Minister and his deputy about the % of Malaysians giving up on citizenship. There is only one figure, but who is telling the truth? Our PM owes it to us to clarify the matter as it involves the Ministry's integrity.
What about the one on "reducing the numer of holidays to increase productivity?" It's all quiet on the front now but it was a ridiculous statement made out of nowhere for want of saying something to look smart!

Anonymous said...

Religion has been transformed into a political franchise in Malaysia, and like many countries that have done likewise, will eventually self-destruct. You'll be lucky to only lose your house, car and job!

akula said...

CG: How true.

Anonymous 1: The things is, its my choice to not give a shit and if anything that you should respect, is one's freedom to make a choice. You should not impose your opinion on others, otherwise, you are acting just like the politicians. You may present your arguments, your point of view, hell, influence me on what you think is right, but never chide a person for what he or she may stand for.

As far as sitting on the fence goes, I think you misinterpreted what I am trying to say here.

The Winged Acrophobic said...

Tu dia! Some hot shit flying about here, brother. Wonder where did these anonymous commenters come from?

akula said...

WA: I think some are our bro. Hahahha. but the good thing is, everytime I posted something controversial, my adsense will go 'ka-ching' like crazy.

UglyButAdorable said...

anonymous who ever it is got no balls!!!

wht the hell is islam hadari, i cud not be bothered to know too..

dun make no difference to me..

east43street said...

Malaysia has gone to the dogs not because of anyone sitting on the fence but because the politicians are running the country like a circus. Anonymous do you know that you are now living in the circus. What a clown.

akula said...

UBA: Thats what I am trying to say. Whatever label they come up with, doesnt effect me one bit, its just a political image buiding and marketing strategy for the GE.

east43street: A indecisive clown I might add.